The Last of Us Part 2: let's analyze the story trailer in detail

Now less than 50 days separate us at the release of The Last of Us Part 2, a new effort by Naughty Dog that we all look forward to. Although the official information has been sipped, many leaks have come out on the net ruining the title for many players. Despite everything, Naughty Dog today released a new trailer dedicated to the story, which we will analyze in this article.

It seems redundant, but obviously if you don't want to see scenes from The Last of Us Part 2, avoid reading the article. We have only analyzed the trailer and hypothesized things, but obviously everything that is written here is the result of hypotheses absolutely not based on leaks of any kind.

The trailer opens with the phrase "I understand it's hard to accept, it's hard for me too, but that's the way it is". We can listen to what has just been said while we observe some very interesting scenes. We can indeed see how in the first clip we find Ellie and Joel with the clothes of the first chapter, in a location very similar to the first The Last of Us: in all probability that part of the game, whether it is a video or gameplay, will make us relive some scenes following the first iteration but which anticipate the naked and raw gameplay of this second part. We don't even know if this will all be shown chronologically or if, as it works now, flashbacks will be used to show them.

In the second scene we find Joel and Tommy on horseback: they seem to be in the age of the first The Last of Us, so it always seems easier to think that we will play some parts set 5 years before the events of the new chapter. It also appears that Joel and Ellie will settle down with Tommy after the events of the first title; or we could simply find ourselves experiencing flashbacks occasionally set even in the midst of the events narrated with the first The Last of Us, but this seems to be less possible as a hypothesis.

The other scene shows Joel playing the guitar to a slightly older Ellie: surely Joel will teach Ellie to play it, and maybe that famous scene seen during the much talked about show during which the various actors showed off will also be reproduced, an occasion - later eliminated during development - that saw Joel playing a Pearl Jam song, touching the strings of Ellie's soul.

I cut into the present, in which Joel saves Ellie from an infected one, as if even after 5 years he was still there, always ready to help her. Soon after, we can see that Joel is arguing with Ellie, and maybe that will be the moment when our "hero" will reveal to Ellie what happened in the finale of The Last of Us, which would explain why, as we will see shortly after, their relationship will seem radically changed. We also see an Ellie full of bruises, cuts, wounds: it will be curious to find out if all this will be attributable only to her particularly dangerous actions, or if indeed over time the girl has suffered violence by psychopaths of some kind (let's remember The Last of Us).

Some action scenes color the phases that lead to a village on fire: we do not know what it may be, but perhaps everything will be connected to some story linked to other characters that we will meet during our journey. As we progress through the trailer, we notice that Ellie is traveling alone: despite everything, seeing Joel with the backpack shortly afterwards suggests that the man, seeing the girl now as his daughter, will leave to help her even if unwilling. However, it seems that someone has attacked Tommy's community; Ellie complains that she doesn't want to let him get away with it, but Tommy points out how reckless actions could make it worse.

Probably, connecting us to the extra scene shown during the show with the aforementioned actors, Joel and Ellie remained in Jackson County and Tommy's brother seems to have taken action to help him with the business that an unspecified community has to run. , in a world where humans are almost more dangerous than monsters. New scenes highlight some of the situations in which Ellie will find herself having to deal: we see stealth phases, explosions, kidnappings and several other scenes that bode well for a masterfully constructed narrative plot.

We also note that Ellie, having abandoned the role of the child, is now more violent, resentful, damaged and eager to save her life, taking it away from her opponents. Some kills appear significantly more violent than Joel and Tess seen doing the guards in the early stages of The Last of Us. It seems that Ellie will also make the acquaintance of new characters: maybe they will only be extras, or maybe they will have important roles in the story, but certainly the way in which they are aesthetically characterized bodes well for a great job.

Ellie “this thing has to stop”: we don't know what it is but it will certainly be a race of revenge. It is equally likely that she will not be alone; in fact, in two scenes we see Joel following Ellie. Although the girl tries to leave, it seems that the gruff man is determined to follow her. One thing that immediately catches the eye are the looks of Joel and Ellie: the first shows sadness, repentance, desire to do something to remedy a situation that got out of hand, while the second barely holds back tears and pain. , showing a typically mixed expression of contempt and disappointment. These two things suggest that, on balance, Ellie knows what Joel did.

There is a price, says a rumor during the trailer; often this phrase is juxtaposed with revenge, and perhaps the whole focus of the adventure will be linked to Ellie's vengeful spirit. The really important scene, however, resides at minute 1.53: Ellie goes away from Joel, but she does it with a face that shows a slight anger pervaded by a very strong feeling of sadness. Despite everything, therefore, it seems that Ellie is not completely detached from this surrogate father who, after all, did all this for her too.

The following images show killings of humans and infected, violent scenes and some flash of happiness, which perhaps will precede the story of revenge representing the most predominant part of the adventure (perhaps resulting from the death of his beloved during that famous siege for which Tommy doesn't want this to go on.)

The most terrifying scene is one of the last: Ellie, full of blood on her face, shows a frightened, pained and sad face, while appearing to kill someone. We avoid making theories on this point because each of them would be very heavy to imagine, but certainly this The Last of Us Part 2 did not go to the savings on managing emotions in the plot.

A brief silence and then the phrase "We could have killed you": we don't know who you are talking about, but it sure is someone who could have done it to Ellie. The scene shows our Ellie, immersed in a room adorned with red lights, a playful phase which however seems to be disconnected from the dialogue in question; for sure, however, we will be able to enjoy it and understand who, in Ellie's past, could have taken her life. So much so that the girl thunders with a "Maybe you should have".

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