The Last of Us Part 2: James Gunn defends the company's operations

The hype that The Last of Us Part 2 is carrying behind it (in addition to the undoubted quality of videogame production that makes news in itself) is something that we have rarely found ourselves facing. Nothing new of course, but the higher your expectations are, the easier it is to "fall". While this is not exactly the case, when you are the game of the moment, certainly the game of the year and, probably, the best of the generation, some enemies do it to you regardless. Between review bombing (here ours) on Metacritic and charges of death to the actress who plays one of the game characters, the sign that something in people should be changed is definitely evident.

A face of the universe also thought of defending the company Marvel, James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) siding in favor of the company, actress Laura Bailey and Neil Druckmann. According to James, the hatred surrounding this game is totally unwarranted and does nothing but further damage the gaming industry. These are his words declared through a tweet:

I understand how you feel when a story with protagonists and characters you love takes a direction you don't like, but these kinds of reactions are a serious problem. You have to understand that there is a distinction between reality and fantasy. Grow !. Online hate is a very serious problem, much more than the alleged low quality of a product. The fact that many of you don't understand this is really troubling.

Nothing wrong with the director's words, however some fans responded by asking him where he was when the same things happened to the Game of Thrones actors generating an interesting discussion that you can read here.

Because online abuse in all its forms is a much bigger issue than the perceived lack of quality of any particular work. That so many of you are tweeting, 'Ok, yeah, sure, the death threats, but why aren't you tweeting about the legit criticism?' shows you really don't get it.

- James Gunn (@JamesGunn) July 4, 2020

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