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As it was clear from the start, The Last of Us Part 2 offers many possibilities of interaction with the game world patented by N. We certainly speak of various objects that can be created, but above all of the numerous weapons present in the adventure. These can in several cases escape the eye of the player, who would find himself forced to end his campaign with one less gunshot. We are right here to help you find all weapons, and to better explain how to manage theirs upgrades during the adventure.

Before leaving you to our guide, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2. These in several cases concern details of the game script, but also more or less advanced playful insights. With either category, you may run into enough detail to undermine your pad experience. In the event that you have not concluded the experience and do not want to incur any kind of advances, we advise you not to continue with the reading of the following text. 

Although it is possible to get out of many situations with simple cunning, having a cutting-edge arsenal can certainly come in handy at every stage of the adventure. We therefore present a list of all weapons of The Last of Us Part 2 and an in-depth look at their enhancements, along with an explanation of where they can be found, so you don't miss a single one.

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Guide being updated. 


Ellie always has a knife, which is extremely useful for close range combat and stealth killing of the infected.

Gun (170)

  • Rate of fire (40)
  • Stability (50)
  • Recoil (30)
  • Capacity (50)

Revolver (200)

  • Rate of fire (30)
  • Stability (50)
  • Reload Speed ​​(50)
  • Damage (70)

Rifle (280)

  • Stability (50)
  • Capacity (50)
  • Viewfinder X6 (80)
  • Damage (100)

Shotgun (130)

It is located in the bank, immediately after entering the vault, you will find the code for all combinations in the following guide.

  • Rate of fire (40)
  • Stability (40)
  • Capacity (50)

Bow (190)

  • Shooting Speed ​​(50)
  • Stability (60)
  • Rangefinder (80)

Silenced Assault Rifle (no upgrade)



Stun bomb

In the open area, orient yourself with the map, you will find the building as a third horizontal and sixth (last) vertical. Break a window and proceed to the toilets, take the key to the pet shop. After taking the key you can proceed with this object, go to the fourth building vertically and third horizontally, proceeding through a door on the side. Open it and continue, then open the first door on the left, continue straight until you find the stun bomb.

Gun holster

Heavy Weapon Holster

Right where the stun bomb is present, in a separate adjacent room, you will find the holster.


Despite better physical prowess, Abby needs to create each of the knives to use, as these will wear out with use.

Gun (170)

  • Rate of fire (40)
  • Stability (50)
  • Recoil (30)
  • Capacity (50)

Hunting pistol (190)

Follow your friends, and after an open grate enter the narrow passage on the right, the safe is near the wall, open it.

  • Stability (50)
  • 4X Viewfinder (60)
  • Damage (80)

Semi automatic rifle (270)

  • Stability (50)
  • Capacity (60)
  • 4X Viewfinder (80)
  • Gust (80)

Side by side (130)

After falling into the chasm, turn the counter that you will find in front of you.

  • Stability (30)
  • Reload Speed ​​(40)
  • Damage (60)

Crossbow (190)

You will find it obligatorily on the ship, opening the door blocked by a corpse that holds it.

  • Stability (50)
  • 4X Viewfinder (60)
  • Reload Speed ​​(80)

Flamethrower (no upgrade)

Pipe Bomb

Gun holster

After finding the purple truck stepped over to the shop on the left, the holster is on a table just after the door.

Heavy Weapon Holster

On the garage table, in the room to the left.

Total parts required: 1920

Hoping that our gun guide has been useful to you, and that you have successfully expanded your guns arsenal, we would like to refer you to our specific section, where you will find further in-depth material on this and other titles.

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