The Last of Us Part 2 - Guide to find all the coins

In game maps created by N to The Last of Us Part 2 you will find different types of collectibles, among which undoubtedly stand out monete. These are very small and difficult to find objects, on which there are various information in the form of engravings, which undoubtedly refer to the plates of the lights of the first chapter of the series. Without getting lost in further talk, let's see where you can find all the aforementioned coins in the various game scenarios.

Before leaving you to our guide, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2. These in several cases concern details of the game script, but also more or less advanced playful insights. With either category, you may run into enough detail to undermine your pad experience. In the event that you have not concluded the experience and do not want to incur any kind of advances, we advise you not to continue with the reading of the following text. 

You will find the coins only with Abby, in almost each of the scenarios that the second protagonist of The Last of Us Part 2 will find herself on. Here is our guide on how to find them all!

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The park

Hunting Lesson

# 1 Viriginia

Above a dumpster, impossible to miss since you will necessarily pass through it.

Seattle - Day 1


# 1 Alaska

After meeting Manny on the edge of the door, near the stadium view, he is on the ground on the left.

# 2 Maine

Then go down the stairs, follow the others until you reach the ground floor, but before the last stairs go to the right.

# 3 New Jersey

After you get the dog, follow the others, the coin is under a wolf poster on the right in the tunnel.

# 4 Vermont

After taking the weapons, look in the open armory, right in the last room.

On foot

# 5 Kentucky

On a gray table in the corner of the warehouse

# 6 Massachusetts

Open the iron door, continue straight to the left corner and turn one of the desks, it's next to a cash register.

# 7 Ohio

Use the ladder to go up one floor, the coin is on a table.

# 8 Indian

After reaching Manny, break a glass of the broken train, climb over and grab the coin on the table.

The Outpost

# 9 California

Where wolf members are talking in the corner, go up the stairs and turn the railing until they are close.

# 10 New Mexico

Open the door and talk to the member of the wolves who will let you pass, go around the individuals who talk, the coin is on a green chest.

# 11 South California

Go through the door where the guard is smoking, the coin is on a table to the left.

Hostile Territory

# 12 North Dakota

Go around the Dumpling shop, continue straight and enter the open door, climb over the high wall and get on the truck, enter the room and search the nightstand on the floor.

The coast

# 13 Alabama

Climb the bridge, you will find it on a corpse.

# 14 West Virginia

After you find the crossbow go up the stairs, turn right, right again, it's next to a stuffed animal.

# 15 Utah 

Before getting off the ship, on the top floor of the last room, on the ground next to a box.

# 16 Mississippi

In the fountain in front of the aquarium, it is in the water.

Seattle - Day 2

The Shortcut

# 1 Nevada 

As soon as the map opens slightly and you will notice that the water level has risen, you will notice a barber near the mini waterfall that has formed. Break the glass door and enter, behind the cash desk on the counter, you will find the coin.

# 2 Colorado 

In the laundry room where you found the workbench, instead of following the path on the left go through the windows on the right. You will find yourself on a kind of roof, go to the bottom to find the coin.

The downhill

# 3 Illinois 

Once in the part of the pool, take a dip in one of the four corners. At the bottom you will find the coin.

# 4 Oregon 

Before you get to the room where you will find the flamethrower, you will have to cross a kind of makeshift bridge. As you are walking up there, you will notice a door on the lower left. Jump and get there, always go left and keep going down. Go over a beam in front of you and then immediately right, go straight and then right to jump and go down again. Turn around and jump into the door in front of you, as soon as you are standing immediately on the right you will find the coin.

# 5 Wisconsis

When you have forced the elevator to open to move to the next area, continue down until you exit the elevator area. Once outside on the left there will be a snack machine, in the coin holder you will find the collectible.

# 6 Rhode Island

From the proceeding coin continue the path until you open the door. a short cutscene will play in which Abby will take off her mask. Go down until you find yourself in a large terrace, behind one of the counters you will find the coin.

# 7 Missouri 

When you arrive at the hospital, do not continue immediately, on the left there will be some broken windows that you can pass. Do it and get to the end of the corridor, on the ground you will find the coin.


# 8 Washington 

When you arrive in the dining room instead of following Nora go behind the counter, near the cash desk you will find the coin.

# 9 Hawaii

Once the shutter is open, break the glass of the safety booth to find the coin.

Seattle - Day 3

The Port

# 1 Kansas

After the intro movie, go back and take the stairs to go to the elevator. While staring at it, head left to find the coin near the railing.

# 2 Louisiana 

When you arrive at the tram station, instead of following the natural path, go to the right of the platform. At the bottom you will find the coin.


# 3 Idaho 

Once you get to the top of the ladder you will arrive on the road and it will be impossible for you not to notice an abandoned truck. The coin concerned is hidden in its back.

# 4 North Carolina

Once you have helped your partner climb over and enter the forest, the path will widen slightly and you will notice abandoned cars. Behind the second on the ground you will find the note.

# 5 Montana 

In the first combat phase, head to the house in front of the sawmill. On the other side of you will be the access to the upper floor, explore it to find the coin on top of a wooden box.

The Leak

# 6 Arkansas

As soon as the chapter begins, you will be in the company of the two brothers inside a building. As soon as you exit, however, go left, on the ground behind the shopping cart you will find the coin.

Hoping that the guide has been useful to you, and that you have completed your coin collection, we refer you to our section where you can find further in-depth material on this and other titles.

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