The Last of Us Part 2 - Guide to all infected and how to defeat them

As we discovered from the numerous trailers shown, the universe of The Last of Us Part 2 has expanded considerably compared to what we saw with the first chapter, and this certainly has not changed for the evolution of Cordyceps, virus that threatens the gaming world patented by N. The work has in fact inserted further infected fungi among its ranks, and has evolved in the meantime those we have already learned about, thus creating a fair amount of trouble for the players. We therefore present our guide on how to defeat all kinds of infected among those present.

We remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2, and we advise you not to continue reading in case you do not want to run into previews on the plot and on some playful mechanics of the experience. 

Before leaving you to the list of the infected, and their weaknesses, we would like to remind you that the silent approach is almost always a possible opportunity. Very often you will not be forced to defeat the enemies present in certain areas, just like human enemies, as you will just have to hide and advance at the right pace, but it is often also possible to cover some parts of the areas in the race, in order to escape first. that the infected can reach you. Also remember that all infected make sounds and move in a particular way after identifying the player, and that you can then use this to your advantage.

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I runner they are the most common infected, but this does not mean that they should be underestimated. These will chase you very quickly after discovering you, and can grab you to damage a substantial part of your health, killing you in certain cases. However, their ears are not particularly developed, and it is therefore possible to move at maximum speed when bent without being discovered, taking them from behind without any risk, as it will be possible to grab them even a few seconds after you will be identified. Killing is very easy with both Ellie and Abby, but remember that in groups these will become extremely dangerous, and that despite the bad hearing they are able to notice the protagonists with a simple look, unlike other enemies.


The first evolution of the Cordyceps was iconic in the first The Last of Us, and it came in this new title leaving nothing behind. Clickers are in fact extremely dangerous, and in melee they will be able to kill you with a single shot, unless you have weapons to hit them or knives with Abby. They can be killed from behind with relative ease, as they are not sighted and easily identifiable thanks to the sounds emitted, but to carry out the assault Abby will always consume one of her knivesi, unlike Ellie who will not use resources. But pay attention to their hearing, as if you move at a brisk pace from bent over they will be able to hear you at close range, thus ruining the stealth approach and attracting all further enemies to the area.


Compared to the first chapter, the Stalker they have become extremely smarter, as they aim for encircle the player to set lethal traps, although taken individually they are easy to defeat and inflict a reduced amount of damage. It is good to be careful with their movements, as they will often protrude their faces to scrutinize the player, and in these moments they can be caught off guard from the shoulders, or shot right in the head, which will immediately put them out of action. After being discovered look for a room that offers shelter behind you, which will allow you to fight them with ease. It is very useful to throw objects at them, as it will allow you to attack them and take them out in a few moves, remaining immune during the various animations that precede the killing.


The first new infected of The Last of Us Part 2 is particularly resistant, and is not approachable at close range, as it gives off poisonous spores to damage the protagonists. Let's talk about the Shambler, which presents a somewhat developed hearing, and will easily take away the advantage of stealth, thus forcing you to consume ammo to complete the kill, which fortunately will not be difficult given their slowness and the low amount of damage they inflict. Always aim for the head, as it will take very few well-aimed blows to put an end to their suffering, unless you end up hitting the body inflicting much less damage.


Although they have become quite rare since the first chapter, even the Bloater are present in the game world. It is absolutely necessary to stay away from them, to avoid lethal grips and poisonous spores, and it is good to have a good dose of bullets to deal with them, even if the Molotov cocktails and the other possibilities are quite effective to defeat them. In The Last of Us Part 2 Bloaters charge the player, which can be dodged once their movements are understood.

Rat King

Il Rat King appears only once in the game, offering a very complex level of challenge in a small play area. Always try to hit him in the head, not holding back while with tools capable of inflicting damage. Remember it is capable of load the player, and that can destroy parts of the scenario to reach Ellie in any ravine. One will come out of his body enhanced stalker, which you can't kill in the same section and will give you a hard time later. The combat with the white weapon will be inconvenient, so try to preserve some ammunition for him too, as the fight will also take place in this case within a restricted area, and you will always be able to locate it easily.

Hoping that the guide has been useful to you, and that you have managed to defeat all the infected of The Last of Us Part 2, we would like to refer you to our section dedicated to guides where you can find in-depth material on this and many other games.

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