The Last of Us Part 2 - Complete Crafting Guide

During The Last of Us Part 2 you will find yourself, more often than you think, having to create the objects necessary to survive. It is a necessary action, which characterizes the genre of survival horror embraced by N. During the experience you will in fact find many materials during the levels, which will be used precisely for the crafting, through the various formulas on the rise in the course of the adventure. So here is our complete guide on the same, in which we have listed all the materials necessary for the creation of each object.

Before leaving you to our guide, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on The Last of Us Part 2. These in several cases concern details of the game script, but also more or less advanced playful insights. With either category, you may run into enough detail to undermine your pad experience. In the event that you have not concluded the experience and do not want to incur any kind of advances, we advise you not to continue with the reading of the following text. 

Whether it be Ellie o Abby, both survivors can craft many items. However, remember that Ellie doesn't need to make knives, as her weapon will remain intact for the entire duration of the campaign, but Abby will instead have to stock up with the latter, which will be useful for defending herself from assaults by the infected and for stealth kills.

  • Guide to find all the coins
  • Guide to find the Carved Ring
  • Guide to finding the Relic of the Sages
  • Guide to weapons and their modifications
  • Help to find workbenches
  • Guide for all diary entries
  • Code guide for each safe
  • Guide for the Platinum Trophy
  • Guide to all the infected and how to defeat them
  • Guide to skill upgrades and manuals
  • Seattle Gate Codes Guide
  • Guide to find all artifacts
  • Guide to find all collectible cards


  • Medical Kit: Alcohol + Rags
  • Molotov cocktail: Alcohol + Rags
  • Stun Bomb: Bottle + Explosive
  • Explosive Traps: Bottle + Explosive
  • Silencer: Bottle + Rag
  • Melee Upgrade: Weapon + Ribbon + Blades
  • Arrows: Ribbon + Blades
  • Explosive Arrow: Ribbon + Explosive


  • Medical Kit: Alcohol + Rags
  • Bomb Tube: Alcohol + Bottle + Explosive
  • Double Shot Ammo: Alcohol + Explosive
  • Hunting Pistol Ammo: Blades + Explosive
  • Silencer: Bottle + Rag
  • Melee Upgrade: Weapon + Ribbon + Blades
  • Daggers: Ribbon + Blades

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