The Last of Us Part 2: At the moment there is no type of DLC

After the landing of The Last of Us Part 2 su PlayStation 4, many players who have been fascinated (not to use much more incisive terms) are wondering if the title will ever have some sort of DLC in style Left Behind as it happened for the first episode or simply an additional content that could further expand the experience achieved by Naughty Dog. Well, the software has no intention of planning any kind of DLC for its work.

He just confirmed it N in a recent podcast (you can find the video at the head of the article which also contains spoilers) with Kinda Funny. He, along with the actors who played the main characters of the story, have clearly stated that there are no plans for a future DLC. However, as has been highlighted, the work proposed by Naughty Dog definitely does not end here. In the future, in fact, we know that the multiplayer component of the title will be released. This has been "cut" because it is considered really huge and constantly evolving (similar to what happens with the releases of the online components of Rockstar titles), thus improving the known mode Factions and adding several novelties.

All that remains is to wait for the arrival of the multiplayer component to still be able to enjoy the magnificence that The Last of Us Part 2 will be able to give.

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