The Last of Us Part 2: Around 80% of players didn't play the first

As we all know The Last of Us Part 2 has been released for almost a month, obtaining excellent results especially as regards the critics: it is a real commercial success, which has left a great imprint in the history of video games, also obtaining the title of exclusive PlayStation 4 best selling quickly, with well 4 million copies sold only in the first 10 days of launch.

In the past few hours though Troy Baker, the man who voiced the character of Joel, pointed out to the public a decidedly intriguing number. During an interesting chat hosted by Alanah pearce, Baker revealed to us what the predictions of Sony for what concern "conversion rate“, Or the percentage of fans who, after playing a title, also buy the sequel.

Without a doubt this is a revelation that could surprise many fans, including our much loved Troy Baker: we are talking about a number between About 15 and 20%. This means that, about 80% of people who have put their hand on the second chapter of the famous brand, have not even touched the first. In response, the Sony team explained that the conversion rate of The Last of Us Part 2, to be honest, is positioned above average. Before leaving us, we leave you to our review dedicated to this branded masterpiece N!

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