The Last of Us Part 2: announced a State of Play dedicated to the game

As already happened for Ghost of Tushima, the other awaited exclusive PlayStation 4 will also be the protagonist of a special dedicated streaming event. As recently announced, in the coming days there will be one State of Play (digital format created by Sony with which it provides new information on its titles) on The Last of Us Part 2, last effort N arriving on June 19 on PlayStation 4 and direct sequel to the first chapter that will follow the story of Ellie.

The event will be broadcast in live streaming on Wednesday 27 May at 22:00 () and will see N, game director of The Last of Us Part 2, which should show a new gameplay session, just like for the State of Play dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima. The official announcement, posted on PlayStation Blog, reads:

Hello everyone! We're making the latest changes to the new episode of State of Play, scheduled for Wednesday 27 May at 22pm on Youtube YouTube.

For about 25 minutes, Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us Part II, will detail the dynamics, dangers and game world of the new project, arriving on PS4 next June 19th.

In conclusion, it will present a long unreleased gameplay footage. An appointment not to be missed!

Finally, we remind you that you can follow the event with us through our Twitch channel or on our Facebook page.

State of Play's next episode is dedicated to #TheLastofUsPartII:

Tune in Wednesday at 9pm BST / 10pm CEST for a deep dive and a new gameplay sequence.

- PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) May 25, 2020

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