The Last of Us Part 2: An off-screen video reveals unedited details about the game

The Last of Us Part 2 it has been out less than a year ago, yet, during its relatively short time on the market, it broke numerous records. It has won multiple awards Game of the Year than any other game in history and was the best exclusive launch in the history of PlayStation. Despite all the success of the game, however, many of the narrative choices implemented by the developers have divided the fan community. Today, a youtuber worked on some videos of The Last of Us Part 2, revealing important new details: we remind you that the article IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS for those who haven't played it yet.

While the game undoubtedly offers a huge improvement over its prequel chapter, not everyone was happy with some of the decisions the team made. N. Some, in particular, have really bothered the fans, especially those who they were about Abby's character. Now, thanks to a little camera trick, you can see those controversial scenes in a whole new light.

YouTuber Speclizer he traveled beyond the limits of the view and manipulated the internal camera through the debug mode of the game to discover details that are simply not visible in a normal game. Perhaps the most interesting of these comes during the now infamous golf club scene, where the extra animations of blood splatters become visible by moving the camera from Abby's point of view. However, that's not all the five-minute video lets us find out.

The youtuber, in fact, then enlarges an image of Ellie playing the guitar to reveal that the game's character models have fingerprints. The manipulation work then showed that the PS Vita di Whitney show the text “You're DeadOn screen moments after the fight with Ellie. The video also highlights enemies' teeth being knocked out of their mouths during clashes, and a whole host of other interesting elements that give us a much clearer indication of how the game engine and mechanics really work. The Last of Us Part 2 continues to surprise, and this new video shows us details that we never imagined.

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