The Last of Us Part 2: Abby's trailer released 6 months after launch

After winning the Game of the Year ai Joystick Awards of this 2020 with The Last of Us Part 2, the software house of N presented us with a new video of the title entirely dedicated to the figure of Abby, and in particular its difficult and dramatic history. We inform you that the video may contain important plot spoilers, so we invite you to view it only if you have already played the title. Naughty Dog Senior Communications Manager, Scott Lowe, presented the trailer to us by sharing this message with us, also spread on the pages of the PlayStation Blog.

We wanted to give you a different perspective on the story, focusing for the first time on Abby's journey, her emotions and how they intertwine with Ellie's journey.

Video is definitely important, because it helps us to find out more about Abby's story, and above all he informs us of the events that will later give rise to his thirst for revenge. In the trailer, the team inside ai PlayStation Studios shows us some gameplay scenes that highlight how Abby's skills and her equipment will be a very important element in the game experience, especially with respect to the phases in which we will be driving Ellie. Abby was one of the most controversial protagonists of the title, in fact she divided the fans a lot, who ended up appreciating her totally or didn't fully identify with her. Its importance is evidenced by the release of this new trailer dedicated to her, six months after the release of the title on PlayStation 4.

The release of the next generation Sony console will give us the opportunity to replay The Last of Us Part 2 with even higher performance, and this new trailer could highlight some new aspects that will make us appreciate it again also from the point of view of the plot.

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The Last of Us Part 2: "Inside the Story" video diary released ❯
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