The Last of Us Part 2, a mod replaces Ellie with Joel

The YouTube channel shmasher248 showed in action a new mod dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2 which allows players to experience the entire adventure created by N in the role of Joel, replacing the original protagonist, Ellie. The video, lasting just over two minutes, awaits you at the bottom of the news and shows some shooting scenes in the violent game world immersed in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The mod currently has only one small problem: Joel has Ellie's voice. Provided you accept this, you may decide to live again the story told in the second chapter of the series originally produced exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2013. We have dealt with The Last of Us Part 2 in depth in the our review.

Obviously, this is a perfect chance to have a laugh, but it can be quite interesting (voice aside) to admire the moments Dina and Ellie originally lived with Joel to replace the latter. A further video from the user also shows the well-known song Take on Me played by Joel himself. Who knows that the Smasher248 channel does not end by also replace Dina with Joel, ending up remembering the structure of the first chapter.

A few days ago we showed you the scenes of the gorgeous Joel cosplay that an actor dedicated to the Naughty Dog series, in a fan made live action. We have also known for about a week that the development house is hiring new staff to create a multiplayer title not yet announced. Earlier this month Neil Druckmann spoke about famous golf club scene. Finally, rumors have recently come together about the possibility that Sony allegedly had some particularly violent content censored, not only in the second chapter of The Last of Us, but also in other titles.

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