The Last of Us Part 2: a fan recreates Ellie's diary (and it's awesome)

The Last of Us Part 2, the last effort of N it was certainly one of the exclusives SIE most awaited by users in the last period, also given the enormous success of the previous chapter. Although the new venture of the development team founded by Andy Gavin e Jason Rubin in 1984 it divided the audience for some game sequences, the latter however managed to be appreciated by the general public above all for an excellent characterization of the main characters, leading fans of the saga to completely unexpected demonstrations of affection.

As you well know, one of the main playable characters of The Last of Us Part 2 è Ellie, who during her long adventure will not only play the guitar, but also take several notes in her personal diary. In the past few hours a fan of the game, Alma Danila, has decided to pay homage to the famous protagonist by recreating in reality a very faithful replica of Ellie's diary. The result, as you can appreciate yourself from the images at the bottom of the article, it is truly astounding.

The young author has decided to re-propose some of Ellie's most representative phrases, thoughts and sketches present in the Naughty Dog action adventure, from the horse ride between Tommy e Joel, to the tattoo of the young protagonist, up to the most intimate and romantic moments with Dina. This is the umpteenth demonstration of love towards a franchise (and a software house) that has made the history of the videogame sector, winning over 200 awards such as GOTY last year.

Compliments to Alma Danila for the excellent work done, we remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 is available exclusively not only on PlayStation 4, but also on the new Sony flagship (PS5) thanks to the backwards compatibility of the console. If you want to know more about the latest effort of N, at the following link you can find ours review complete.

After a perilous journey across the pandemic-ravaged United States, Ellie and Joel settle in Wyoming. Community life grants them new stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and the most desperate survivors. But when an unexpected event compromises those balances, Ellie decides to embark on a new journey. This time to get justice. The hunt for those responsible, however, will have excruciating physical and emotional repercussions.

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