The Last of Us Part 2: 10 details to discover about the Naughty Dog game

By now it is very close to the release of The Last of Us Part 2, the new branded game N which has managed to attract everyone's attention thanks to very high expectations that we do not find it hard to believe will be respected. While waiting for our review, we can still talk to you and deepen some aspects of the production, a series of useful information already disclosed by the same development team, which, however, may have escaped you. We therefore decided to structure everything in ten points which, in our opinion, represent particularly important playful elements to know both for veterans and for newcomers.

Ellie can swim

As obvious as it is that the protagonist swims in many titles, as the old players will have noticed thanks to the latest trailer of the State of Play, Ellie he learned to swim correctly. In fact, for anyone who does not remember, the young woman in the first The Last of Us he was unable to move in the water. The reasons for this choice concerned the fact that Ellie, born post-pandemic, had never actually had the opportunity - or the need - to learn to swim. Now, however, something has obviously changed, maybe someone could have trained her to better prepare her for the dangers that the world now hides around every corner.

Clickers have evolved

Rightly so, the pandemic and the virus itself that we learned very well during the first chapter have continued to evolve over the years; the infected consequently did the same and the cordyceps was inexorably transformed bringing to light new and dangerous creatures ready to kill any unfortunate. Precisely as regards the new monsters we will meet, the information was provided to us with the dropper, but the team reassured the fans by announcing that we will see some good ones during the adventure.

Bigger maps

In The Last of Us Part 2 it seems that Naughty Dog wanted to give much more space to the verticality successfully experienced in Uncharted 4. Precisely this has led the developers not only to raise, but also to expand the various game maps, giving the player maximum freedom on how to act in certain circumstances. The new play structure prepared for the occasion, in fact, greatly encourages exploration, an aspect that the team wanted to emphasize more in this production than the previous one. Necessarily, they consequently had to be added small innovations in the gameplay that could reduce downtime, for example with the introduction of the horse and the boat.

Size counted and how

If with Joel in some ways we were safer in one on one, with Ellie the situation is completely reversed. The girl is noticeably weaker, but she can count on greater speed and strategy. The small build allows the protagonist to slip even in the narrowest tunnels, which will also guarantee a diversity of solutions and approaches. In the current state of things we still can't get out of balance, but we are sure that everything related to hand-to-hand combat will highlight the player's ability to execute deadly dodges and counter moves.

Events at risk

The co-game director Kurt Margenau he explained that there will be events carefully scripted and designed as an integral part of the story that, at least in a first playthrough, could be lost by players because they may be located in some specific point of the map that we have not explored. This will give a sense of continuous discovery to the players, who will be pushed more and more to explore and pay attention to every little detail.

A new journey between the seasons

While it's unclear what the sequel's timeline is, the latest State of Play footage has hinted that we'll go through fall and winter in different locations. The seasonal change will have a strong impact, both negatively and positively, on the whole adventure. You will be able to see snow leaning on Ellie's face, dust on clothes in arid areas, or mud when crossing swamps. A practical example of what this will entail can be found, for example, in clashes in snowy areas: the snow will keep track of footprints, allowing enemies to track us down more easily.

Create and develop

Crafting, the central pivot of the gameplay of the first episode, will also make its return on The Last of Us Part 2, but this time in a much more complex guise. In fact, this aspect has been further investigated and will offer the user different ways to fight or approach exploration. Diversification seems to be the watchword, so as to allow each player to shape his path to his liking. This is inevitably joined by the development of the character: expanded and improved too, the growth of the protagonist will be up to you and your desire to reveal all the secrets of the game world.

Between redemption and revenge

If the first The Last of Us put the player in the shoes of a destroyed man who will try - albeit in his own way - to be a father to Ellie, also considering the void left after the death of his daughter Sarah, in this second part Ellie will mainly focus on revenge. Although it is possible to imagine what is the reason that has triggered the fury of the protagonist, the basic explanations are very different from those of Joel and it will therefore be interesting to see how the young woman will learn to live with her bloody actions.

Hyenas and Wolves

Both factions represent two cornerstones of this new chapter, since they represent a bit the two sides of the same coin. The Hyenas, also called Serafiti, are a sect of religious fanatics, a group that mainly uses weapons such as knives or bows, thus avoiding the classic rifles. They also communicate via whistles, making it impossible for the player to really understand their intentions. This will force the user on duty to change their approach during construction, also adding a sort of strategic component to the whole.

Enemy AI

This perhaps represents the real leap in quality made by Naughty Dog. Enemies will now not only communicate with them, but will also have some sort of feeling or empathy. In fact, in addition to calling each other by name and exchanging orders, they will respond to the loss of their friend or, even more, of their faithful dog. Precisely the latter are more valued in this respect and we already look forward to the responses of the community when in the short / medium term. Net of this, however, now they too will try to surround Ellie with very intricate tactics, especially exploiting their numerical superiority. In short, a further element of challenge that will give the player an even richer and more varied experience.

These were the ten points that, if you wait for The Last of Us Part 2, you absolutely cannot miss. Obviously we know that the game is much more complex, but we will naturally talk about this in the review phase on our pages on 12 June at 9:00 am.

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