The Last of Us Multiplayer: guide / tips to win online

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The Last of Us Multiplayer: guide / tips to win online


In a multiplayer mode like that of The Last of Us being the puppet on duty who manages to die every 30 seconds is really very, very easy. In most online shooters, "running and gunning" almost always turns out to be a good strategy, but in this case it is nothing more than the worst thing you can do.

For beginners (and not necessarily just them) here are some tips to improve and start winning by playing The Last of Us online mode.

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- Co-op, co-op, co-op
Even if you don't have any friends to play The Last Of Us with, use headphones to communicate with your team members. The game was born and designed to encourage cooperation and team play, lone wolves will not have an easy life. Communicate the location of the enemies and their movements, and urge your teammates to do the same. Plan for coordinated attacks and above all avoid going around alone. Never before in this game is the team to win, to be the winners, you have to be in a winning team. So the number one tip for improvement is to cooperate as much as possible with your teammates.

- Mark the enemies
As stated in the first point, this is an action that you will have to perform almost automatically. When you aim at an enemy use the R3 key to mark him, this will become for the whole team like a lighthouse lit in the night, giving everyone a huge advantage over him as over all the opponents you will mark.

- Don't run, cabròn !!!
One of the last things to do. Running you will be visible on the radar and you will immediately become the coveted prey of all your enemies on the map. Walking without running will make you invisible on the radar and allow you to react more quickly to any surprise attacks.

- Craft weapons and other items as soon as possible
Do this in a safe position, as you will be exposed to enemy attacks as you create the items, but do so as soon as you have a good position to do so. The melee weapons created are lethal from close range, and above all by creating the weapons immediately you will avoid the risk of losing the creation components in case you crack earlier than expected.

- Take BLUE supplies only when you need them
Ammo and other BLUE materials dropped by slain enemies remain there for the duration of the game, so there's no rush to go and pick them up. Take them only if and when you really need them, and in any case before collecting them make sure that there are no companions of the deceased enemy in the vicinity who are waiting for you to party.

- Be careful when using the special executions
The "bare-handed" executions of landed enemies are brutal and for the most sadistic even very satisfying, but if every time you kill someone you rush to your head just thinking only of the lust you will feel by crushing their head, you will see that the times you die while you perform a performance they will start to be really many. While performing a melee execution, you remain completely vulnerable for 3-4 seconds, which is enough for any opponent with a minimum of experience to make you the next shattered head chicken. Check that you are alone before performing a special execution.

- Beware of nailed bombs
These are real traps that explode like proximity mines as you pass. Opponents can place them anywhere, so always keep your eyes peeled. The smart ones place them near the supply crates, you get smarter and check that there are no hidden surprises before you approach and remember this tip when you have a spiked bomb to place. Also remember to mark the spiked bombs you discover, this way you will help your teammates not to fall into the trap. Enemy spiked bombs can also be destroyed by firing a firearm.

- Avoid aggressive play
As mentioned in the third point of this guide, attacking enemies head-on is a strategy that doesn't pay. Stay low, always keeping an eye on nearby cover, avoid taking the initiative when you're not sure you have an advantage in the fight. In The Last of Us online it's really easy to die, and to avoid dying all the time you play by staying mostly on the defensive.

- Revive in teammates as soon as possible
When a companion is knocked down, if there are no enemies nearby trying to finish him off or attacking you, it means, in most cases, that there are no enemies nearby. However, this does not mean that more will not arrive, so revive your teammate as soon as possible while always being careful of ambushes. Leaving an enemy on the ground and hiding waiting for someone to come to revive him and then attack the rescuer is a good tactic, use it and don't fall for it. For this reason, reviving a teammate can be dangerous, but a prevented death benefits the entire team, especially in the modes in which there is no respawn, and in addition it will earn you 100 points, they are not few.

- Which skills to privilege
First aid and the speed of crafting items are what can give you the most important benefits. In this game, life does not regenerate automatically with the passage of time, when it starts to go down you will necessarily have to use the medkits. Here the speed of healing becomes crucial, because while using the medkit you are completely exposed to enemy attacks. This is something you will do very often, so the less you take, the better. Even the creation of the objects and the medical kits themselves is a crucial aspect of the gameplay, even here decreasing the times can really make a difference. For the rest, choose which skills to improve based on your way of playing.


These are some useful tips to avoid being easy targets in The Last of Us multiplayer. If you have any of your own to propose, please use the comments below or the forum, we will be happy to add them to the guide.

Start mastering them and then use them to put yourself in the hunter's shoes and get the better of those who are no less experienced than you.

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