The Last of Us is the antithesis of the hero, as evil attracts more than good

The long-awaited will be released in May The Last of Us Part II and, to pass the wait, we thought about what struck us more than anything else about the past masterpiece. N. The videogame market has always had the tendency to let us interpret the heroes in the various stories, the good guys who in any case manage desperately to save the situation, thanks to their willpower or simply to their powers. This "trend" has been present since the dawn of gaming, but in most cases we are faced with characters not particularly characterized, whose ultimate purpose is simply to do good, perhaps opposed by a more marked vallain, able to carry the entire production himself thanks to his charisma. However, we do not always have the opportunity to be good, in some cases we have the opportunity to live the experience in a sort of gray area, where the limit between good and evil is truly ephemeral and always in the balance.

The titles that most of all make us choose how to characterize in the alignment of our character are actually almost all RPGs and the various graphic adventures, where inevitably our choices will have gigantic repercussions on the plot. Let's take it as an example Detroit: if you will pursue in the choice not to transform Connor in a deviant, you will actually make him a "bad guy". However also Fable, Skyrim o Infamus, all with a moral system that has repercussions on other characters, are productions that tend to let the player express as he sees fit, so as to give him the weapons to shape, in some cases in a much more marked way, his story. One of the most modern works that we can mention is Red Dead Redemption 2. Let's think about Arthur: we are talking about a criminal who lives on the shoulders of innocents who are killed and robbed, all to be able to bring bread to the whole gang of Spirit, that more than a handle of criminals are seen as his family. However in this case it is the ethical morality of the user that acts, since the actions to be performed, at least when the various missions are not being carried out, will serve to shape your fame as you continue in the adventure.


However, there are titles like The Last of Us which act in a perfect way under trace, upsetting any type of thought and making the unconscious egoism of the human being excel. The ending of the game is the emblem of what has been said so far. Joel up to the last chapter he is the classic man destroyed by a dangerous and infamous life, put in the middle in a totally random way for a higher purpose that, at least at the beginning of his journey, he didn't even understand. But Joel is also a man who has suffered a heavy bereavement, you cannot lose a daughter in your arms and not be shocked by it for the rest of your life. Let it die Ellie, even if for the good of all humanity, for him it is too much.

Our "hero" then decides to put himself and his good before everything, lying to the same girl in order to protect her future. We are talking about a person destroyed by the tragedies of life, who in his own way has always tried to get up but who, on time, was thrown back to the ground. In the end, then, are we sure we have played the classic good? The answer is certainly no. This choice for the development house proved to be a winner, given that most of the players have seen again in Joel's desire to screw everything up, in order not to lose what he had laboriously protected until a moment before, and that unknowingly he was sending to slaughter.

What emerged is that we gamers have an infinite need for human characters, something that represents us more than the various superheroes too super to be us. Joel could have been an ordinary man, a person certainly courageous but who does not let himself be frightened by various adversities, thanks to a tough attitude that he uses only as a shield to hide pain and regret. Now, with the new The Last of Us Part II, we can't wait to find Joel aged and, apparently, even more upset. Although we don't know much about the plot yet, we are ready to take on the role of Ellie again for a story of revenge. In a destroyed world, the faint peace of the characters that populate this universe is always in constant balance, but in all this evil there is always a light that leads to good, even if with a purely selfish aftertaste for most of the time. The Last of Us is a game that has managed to perfectly recreate this antihero who, despite being entangled with something particular, does not give up his experiences and is ready to put his personal interests above everything.

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