The Last of Us: Guide to Boosting Joel's Skills and Supplements

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The Last of Us: Guide to Boosting Joel's Skills and Supplements


We have already seen how to upgrade weapons and create new items in The Last of Us. Today we will deal with improving the skills of the protagonist Joel.

As with most RPGs, in The Last of Us your character will get stronger as you progress through the game. However, to do this you will need the supplements (what we generally call skill points) which are certainly not infinite and must therefore be spent with a certain criterion.

Each update of Joel's skills will require you a certain amount of supplements, once you have accumulated that request you can use it to update one of the skills, which you can do anywhere and at any time, unlike the weapon upgrades that can only be done at one of the work tables scattered around the game world.

Also remember that upgrading all of Joel's skills to the max will allow you to unlock the trophy

All we've been through - Fully empower Joel with supplements

Now let's see what are Joel's skills that can be improved, how many supplements they require and our advice on how to proceed to gain the maximum advantage while playing.

Life to the maximum
This is probably the most important skill you should upgrade first. It is possible to upgrade the skill twice, for the first time it will cost you 50 supplements, for the second upgrade it will take 100. Having the best possible health will help you on several occasions and could really make the difference between overcoming an ambush of the infected. and get badly torn apart.

Listening distance
Joel has the ability to listen to nearby enemies and with the help of this "power" he can track their locations even through solid barriers such as walls. This skill is very useful especially against clickers, after maximum health, it should be your second priority for the upgrade.

The first update will cost you 20 skill points, the second 30, for the third and final upgrade you will have to spend 50.

Stability of weapons
This is another crucial factor in the game. Enemies move very fast while ammo is very low, the last thing you have to do is waste it. A great help in avoiding this danger is having a more stable weapon and therefore better aim for Joel. The first update on this skill will cost you 50, the second 100. Obviously, if your style of play does not favor the use of firearms the reasoning is reversed, in which case you should leave this skill for last.

Speed ​​of cure
As you know, Joel takes several seconds to use a medical kit and heal himself. If in the exploratory phases this does not represent a problem, when instead you have to heal yourself in the race with the enemies that are behind you, decreasing the time required for the use of the medkits can prove to be a real blessing. Upgrading this skill to the max will cost you a total of 150 supplements, 50 for the first step and 100 for the second.

Speed ​​of creation
As we have seen in the guide to the creation of weapons and objects, during the game thanks to the work tables you can create the indispensable medkits and other useful objects. By upgrading this skill the creation process will become faster. It is not a priority, but it can be very useful in difficult situations where you are not hunted by enemies. Three upgrades of 25, 30 and 50 skill points.

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