The Last of Us: Guide and Tips on Multiplayer Maps [PS3]

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The Last of Us: Guide and Tips on Multiplayer Maps [PS3]


The fantastic The Last of Us, in addition to proposing a single-player campaign that alone would be worth all the success that this title is enjoying, also includes a very deep and compelling multiplayer mode.

Whether you have decided to side with the Lights or join the ranks of the Hunters, know the online maps well in which the clashes take place is essential in order not to be constantly dying.

In this guide we make an overview of The Last of Us multiplayer maps, with some tips to better set your approach to the game in each of them.

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"Checkpoint" map tips
The Checkpoint map is located in an abandoned area, where the factions will compete for the few supplies that have not yet been looted.

The buildings are in critical condition, but still manage to offer excellent coverage points. The main boulevard on the map has a fire department building at one end and the Garden Office Park at the other end.

If you intend to do well in this map, the first advice is to favor medium-long range shootings. Avoid long range combat: due to the large number of vehicles and other good hiding places scattered throughout the map, it will be practically impossible to have the target free from long range for more than a few moments.

However, if you prefer to play as a sniper and provide extra coverage for your team, the second floor of the Garden Office Park is the place for you. This provides an amazing vantage point and you can see almost the entire map from up there. But remember that there will be a lot of people keeping an eye on that position, so expect special attention from your enemies.

The checkpoint in the center of the map seems to provide decent cover, but still be careful as it won't last long with enemies having a chance to attack you from all sides, perhaps with some nice Molotov cocktails.

"Lakeside" Map Tips
Lakeside is located near the shore of a large lake. Most of the fighting will take place around the Bear Creek Lodge area. In addition to this, there are a couple of other buildings that you can use to your advantage, such as the bar, grill, grocery store and Mount Vista Reality.

If you are injured or have something to create, the second floor of Bear Creek Lodge is the ideal place, but remember that the building has several access points, so always keep your eyes peeled to avoid being surprised by enemies.

Unlike Checkpoint, most of the shootings that take place in this map are on the medium / long range. There is no shortage of excellent vantage points that will give the most skilled snipers a huge advantage over other players, with the ability to control the entire playing area.

Most of the healings are scattered in the open areas of the map and therefore, for what has just been said, before doing anything make sure that there are no enemies nearby or snipers holding you at gunpoint.

In this map, if you prefer short-range weapons, the only good strategy is to keep moving from one building to another.

Map Tips "City of Bill"
This map is teeming with scrap cars and trucks, the main spots being the Town Hall and the Vivian Diner.

The street connects the church at its upper end and the D&H shop on the other side. The Town Hall can become the scene of quick shootings with short range weapons, keep in mind its different outputs because they could get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.

It is also possible to reach the second floor of the Town Hall by crossing the bridge which can be accessed from the second floor of the surrounding buildings of Sammy.

Bill's Town has a handful of great sniper positions, such as on the roof of Sammy's and Vivian's Diner, but the advice is still to focus on close-range combat, especially if you have a powerful weapon at close range.

Absolutely avoid staying longer than strictly necessary on the bridge that leads from Sammy to the Town Hall, in that position you will be completely vulnerable being exposed to enemy fire from all directions.

"University" map tips
The university environments still appear to be in good shape with several security barricades still intact. In addition to this, the two main buildings on this map are the Richard Harington Science Lab and the J. Lomnitz Research Center, each located at one end of the map.

There are also some buildings located near the Richard Harington Science Lab, but they are of no use as most of them are closed. However, the access corridors they provide are great spots for organizing / ambushing.

This is one of the maps you can dive into with both long range and close range weapons.

The second floor windows of the research center provide an excellent spot for snipers who can have almost the entire map under control. However, if you prefer close combat, as mentioned at the beginning you can take advantage of the corridors surrounding the Richard Harington Science Lab, one of the best areas to get busy with traps.

"High School" Map Tips
High School is the only multiplayer map in the game that takes place inside a building with no open spaces. The two big areas you need to focus on are the library and the gym.

These two rooms are very large and have two floors. Both are located in the corners of the building, with several classrooms, corridors and the main school entrance in the middle. Remember that the main entrance to the school has most supplies, so plan accordingly.

For obvious reasons, close range combat remains recommended, but also keep in mind that the Library has two floors that offer excellent cover that you can use to your advantage to kill enemies coming from the corridors while staying in a very safe location. . For the exact same reason, stay away from the same corridors as much as possible !!!.

Another good spot is the bleachers in the gym: they provide a good hiding place and a clean view of the corridors and the basketball court.

"Downtown" Map Tips

As the name suggests, this multiplayer map takes place on the ruined streets of Boston, Downtown. The streets are so destroyed that they give a glimpse of the subway network below with several wrecks of subway cars.

The only buildings accessible on this map are located at the ends of the map. On one end we find the Windell River bar while on the other there is the museum. Both buildings consist of two floors and have windows, but they do not provide a very clear view on the map.

Most of the shootings will take place in the underground subway station. Obviously it is ideal for medium / short range fights with the gun or similar, with the presence of different coverage points. If you are in need of supplies or healing, this is always the area where you will have to roam.

"Dam" map advice
Other than the dam and the structures, almost everything else on this map is very poorly scaled. There are also other buildings which, however, cannot be accessed.

There are only two areas on this map to consider: one is the dam itself and the other is the path leading to the water below. The water surrounding the dam is not deep and can be easily crossed to reach other areas.

The path leading to the water below is uncovered and makes you very vulnerable, don't use it to catch your breath. While in the water zone, it is advisable to keep close range weapons equipped.

Another highlight of this map is the bridge, the turbines provide good coverage and at the same time you will have a good view. On the contrary, the pedestrian crossing below will leave you more exposed, but you will not be able to avoid it at first due to the good availability of supplies it offers.

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