The Last of Us: combinations to open the safes

The Last of Us: combinations to open the safes


We know that many of you are having a hard time finding the notes with combinations of safes scattered throughout the game environment of The Last of Us, while others have found the notes but cannot find the relevant safe (how infamous is life and the world around it?). Don't worry my dears, this guide will make everyone agree.

Safes aren't part of The Last of Us collectibles and don't even appear in any trophies in the game. You will want to find them and open them simply to grab the reward stored inside, or a pack of objects and weapons that will surely come in handy.

In total there are 4 safes and in the vicinity of each a note containing the code to unlock the safe. Below we see in detail where the safes are located and where the notes and combinations of their locks are located.

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Chapter 3 - The Outskirts: Downtown (Safe 1)
Where to find the combination: In the indoor area where Joel has to avoid Clickers are several rooms and shops. From the entrance, adhere to the left wall to enter one of these shops. Jump over the desk and you will see a drawer, open it to find the note with the combination.
Where is the safe: The safe is in another shop to the right of the entrance. It is located in a corner next to the counter, protected by a Runner. Match him to get to the safe and his loot.
Combination: 3-43-78

Capitolo 4 - Bill's Town: the woods (Cassaforte 2)
Where is the combination: On the main road there is a truck / trailer on the right hand side of the road. Go further and continue down the street to the barricade to find a note with the combination of the safe.
Where is the safe: From the barricade go back, on the same side where the caravan is located you will find a restaurant (diner), the safe is nearby.
Combination: 5-17-21

Chapter 5 - Pittsburg: Hotel lobby (Safe 3)
Where to find the combination: Inside the flooded hotel, use the ladder to go up to the upper level. Turn right, then up the stairs to reach the elevator doors. Look in the corner on the ground to find the note with the password to open the safe.
Where is the safe: Go back down to the flooded level and check behind the counter on the left near the entrance. There is a door behind the counter that leads into a smaller room with the safe.
Combination: 22-10-56

Chapter 6: The Suburbs (Safe 4)
Where to find the combination: Once Joel and the others escape the sewers, you will enter an abandoned neighborhood. The last house that can be explored is just after the gated house. Enter and take the stairs to the third floor to find the password note on the computer desk.
Where is the safe: Go back to the second floor and search the rooms to find the safe.
Combination: 8-21-36

Here is also a video that shows what we have just described

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