The Last of Us: all the easter eggs, secrets and curiosities

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The Last of Us: all the easter eggs, secrets and curiosities


Even in a title with such a serious and at times almost dramatic story like The Last of Us, those funny Naughty Dogs have managed to slip some curious easter eggs. These little secrets / curiosities are right there, in the game played by each of us, but not everyone will be able to see them because not everyone knows where to look.

So here is our guide to discover all the secrets and easter eggs of The Last of Us. For other useful articles about this game, don't forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of The Last of Us.

Console War: the infected prefer the PS3
In the Lakeside Resort - Cabin Resort chapter, inside the shop you can find a nice PS3 on one of the shelves, complete with connected pads. Watch the video below

Board games from Uncharted and Jak and Daxter
Stay calm, the idea has already been patented by myself, soon you will hear about me, buuuuwwwwaaahahhahaa !!! Um, yes, we said, in the chapter "Pittsburgh - Escape from the city", on the shelves of the Choo Choo Toy's store you will see the packs of the board game of Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. Here is a video

Nate from Uncharted and Jak and Daxter "puppet" version
Also in the chapter "Pittsburgh - Escape the City", after meeting Sam and Henry, in the boys' room of the abandoned house you will find puppets of the protagonists of Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. Video coming soon

La T-Shirt di Jak and Daxter per Joel ed Ellie
By chance, did you also understand that the developers of The Last of Us are also the dads of Jak and Daxter? Nooooo? Strange, I seemed to have sensed a little something. Jak and Daxter's t-shirts are bonuses that can be unlocked by completing the game at the various difficulties, and once unlocked you can wear them to the two protagonists of the game.

Uncharted 3 reference
It is true, they have not made many, but no one can say that they are not excellent titles. Naughty Dog (as well as Jak and Daxter) also created the beautiful Uncharted. In The Last of Us (but come on .....) we find this other reference to the third chapter of the series, or a pub in full Irish style, which clearly recalls the one seen in the early stages of the mythical Drake game. Not only that, in The Last of Us this pub is called "O 'Sullivan's" and you all know very well that Sullivan is just the historic friend of the Uncharted protagonist. Here is the pub on video

Oh mio Dioooo, NOOOOOO!!!
This you would not have wanted to read. Between the various levels of the game, newspaper pages are scattered almost everywhere. As you can see in the video below, the newspaper clearly refers to an Uncharted movie, complete with Justin Bieber as the lead star as Drake. After all, we can say that the arrival of the infected was good.

Puuuuccci pucciii pucciiiii beautiful giraffino
Towards the end of the game, on your way to the Labs you will pass something very similar to a zoo, let's say a former zoo. The important thing is that if you slowly approach one of the giraffes in the vicinity you can interact allowing Ellie to pet her. A simply touching scene. Watch the video, I need to find some handkerchiefs right away.

Only for Adults
Buhahahahahahahhaha! This, gentlemen, is unbelievable. In some posters present in the gaming environments, leaflets with telephone numbers appear which, according to the announcement, refer to some epidemic control service. So far everything normal, of course. The problem is that some users (but deadly them, I would say) have tried to call the numbers in question, receiving, to their great and enormous surprise, an answer from an American erotic chat.

Naughty Dog also replied, apologizing for what happened: "telephone numbers have been entered in the game, thinking of changing them later by inserting the prefix 555, which makes the number not working, as they do in the movies," said Neil Druckmann. "Evidently the trick doesn't work, though, when there is 1-800 ahead. We are now working on removing them, it was a good faith mistake."

Here is the image with the numbers .... hot!

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