The Last of Us: a thousand ways to die

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The Last of Us: a thousand ways to die


Watching a movie like Final Destination or any episode of the very nice program "A Thousand Ways to Die" (they show it on Dmax, ed) you will have already amazed at the ease with which you can sometimes go to the other world. If you have also played The Last of Us, however, you will have realized that you have not yet seen everything, having never found yourself in a world that is completely disastrous, infected and "unputtanato" like the one in which Joel and Ellie live, the two protagonists of the title of Naughty Dog.

In our column dedicated to easter eggs today we propose (a little out of place, I admit) a video that focuses on just this: all the ways it is possible to die during The Last of US campaign.

Obviously the video CONTAINS SPOILERS on the storyline, so we strongly recommend that you only watch it after you finish the game. All warned then.

Video "All Deaths" di The Last of Us

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