The Last of Us: a fan art transforms Pedro Pascal into Joel

The cast of the series The Last of Us, the transposition of the famous video game by N to Playstation finally begins to take shape. The announcement was made directly by the profile Twitter of the software house, where it was revealed that the next actors who will star in the branded TV series HBO will Pedro Pascal, which has lately risen to the limelight for The Mandalorian,  Beautiful Ramsey. The two, as you know by now, will play the protagonists Joel ed Ellie. In the dedicated The Last of Us subreddit there are a few fan art dedicated to the actor The Mandalorian made in honor of his entry into the cast as Joel. The artist of the fan art in question, which you can find below, has applied a thicker beard and more marked wrinkles on Pascal's face, so as to give him an appearance more similar to the videogame counterpart.

Thought it might be an interesting experiment to try and envision Pedro Pascal as Joel, so this happened from thelastofus

Ellie, as previously mentioned, will have the face of Bella Ramsey, already seen in the TV series The Throne of Swords (other branded production HBO), in which he held the role of Lyanna Mormont. Both names have been confirmed by Neil Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, who said he was extremely happy with the presence of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the TV series of The Last of Us. HBO e Sony Pictures TV will produce the series together with PlayStation Productions, Word Games and to Naughty Dog herself. The creator of the TV series Chernobyl, or Craig Mazin, will supervise the project together with the aforementioned N. Mazin talked about how the adaptation will “improve” the story of the 2013 game, while Troy Baker, the voice actor behind Joel in the two Naughty Dog games, provided his support for Pascal and Ramsey's castings in the television adaptation. Nothing is known yet, however, about the possible launch window of the series or the plot.


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