The Last Guardian: the creator working on a new project?

Smoking Ueda, creator of titles such as ICOShadow of the Colossus e The Last Guardian, at the beginning of this new year he updated, along with the rest of the development team genDesign, the official website of the company showing an image that seems to lead back to the author's new project. The image in question is present in a 2021 greeting card that includes all of Ueda's previous works or the ones already mentioned ICO, Shadow of the Colossus e The Last Guardian, but it also adds another project that hasn't been officially shown by the development team. Taking a closer look at the image in question, this shows a protagonist leaning against something that could be a wall or a huge boulder. Regardless of the fact that this mysterious image belongs to the new genDesign project, in terms of aesthetics it strongly recalls the previous titles created by the development team.

In an interview with the British magazine Edge in 2018, Fumito Ueda had stated that thanks to new technologies the development times of his next title would be much shorter than what happened with The Last Guardian. Here are the words of the author:

In the past, it would have taken a week or two for one of the ideas I had in mind to transpose into the game. However, now that we have modern tools and technologies, we can fully realize a new idea in days or hours. How we're building our next title was simply not conceivable years ago when we developed The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus.

After the publishing agreement with epic Games, there is a good chance that this new work, if it ever sees the light, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but it cannot be ruled out that it may also be released on other consoles, such as PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X | S.

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