The Last Dance - Preview of the Netflix docuseries on Michael Jordan

The dynasty of the Chicago Bulls back to top Netflix with two new episodes (III / IV) of "The Last Dance“, A docu-series that tells the 1998 season step by step, that of the sixth ring of the franchise of Michael Jordan, here revealed himself to be the most tormented of all. The behind the scenes of that fantastic adventure continues, with flashbacks that take us back in time to the conference finals lost against the rocky rivals of the Pistons, bi-champions NBA, beaten on the third attempt (1991) after months of more intense training, driven by Jordan's desire to win (who grew muscularly that year) and increasingly at the service of his teammates. Detroit was a very difficult team to beat, he put it above all on the level of physical contact and provocations (to limit Jordan), but they formed a perfect mix of star scorers (Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars) and ruthless fighters under the basket, like that Dennis Rodman who he would return to the fate of the Bulls, this time serving Mike and Scottie (Pippen).

Just "The Worm" ("the worm"), a histrionic player with an exuberant but charismatic character, is one of the protagonists of the two episodes that will let us enter the depths of the man Rodman - also remembered for his colored hair, appearances in Hollywood and friendship with Korean dictator Kim - through the words of titled Bulls coach, guru Phil Jackson, one of his former flames, Carmen Electra, and many of his old teammates.

Some, like Jordan, could understand the needs of a person with a rebellious nature (born in Trenton, New Jersey) but who gave everything on the floor… while others a little less. With his "confessions" the many mistakes he made come to mind, those difficult moments in which he "felt lost", in need "to ask for help". But he was a warrior, capable of never giving up, with or without a vest on. He will return to talk about the many negative episodes (on and off the pitch) that he paid for on his own skin, the difficult relationship with his mother (who kicked him out of the house when he was very young) and the love for basket:

He saved me. I was a humble boy. I don't know how I never got into the drug business.

He says moved, instead about his reputation as a tough guy he says:

I built it in Detroit. In college I was different. I realized that in order to break through, I would have had to defend and collect rebounds above all.

Then he goes into the details of the three years lived in the shadow of Jordan and Pippen:

Sometimes I suffered from not being able to be the protagonist, but I easily got into that perfect car. I just had to accept my role and fight for them like I did for the Pistons.

It was the number 23 who understood him best of all: "he is one of the smartest basketball players I've ever played with," says Michael, "Dennis sometimes needed to disconnect, and Phil (Jackson) humored him knowing that he would then also given an arm for us ”. Precisely in the season of the last dance, the last ring, Rodman performed a decisive task. Pippen wanted to be traded for clutches with GM Jerry Krause, the triangle coach (game scheme whose origins and secrets you will know) already knew he would be fired at the end of the year and Jordan, surrounded by the press waiting for news on the his future, he declared himself tied to the fate of his mentor: “without him, I leave the Bulls”. He would have done it his way, but we'll see that in the next few episodes.

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