The Initiative welcomes a new member, a former God of War producer

A recent post on the Linkedin social network announces the passage of Rhonda Cox, one of the producers of the last God of War, to the team The Initiative of Xbox Game Studios. Cox, leaving Santa Monica Studios, still landed a high profile role as senior producer on Perfect Dark, the new yet undiscovered game from the team of Microsoft. Here is an excerpt from the post:

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a Senior Producer position at The Initiative, where I will be working on the recently announced Perfect Dark game! I am (beyond) excited to take this new step in my career and to be part of a franchise that has been (so) dear to me since childhood.

Cox then went on to fill a highly prestigious role after that Drew Murray, the design director of The Initiative team, left the group a few months ago for personal reasons. After all, Rhonda Cox is a highly experienced producer with a respectable working background in the industry. In fact, he worked on many projects even before God of War such as: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, where he has always held the role of producer, while in the past he has also collaborated in the development of Blizzard titles such as for World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and has served as a tester for other Activision games such as Guitar Hero .

However, the information for Perfect Dark still remains cryptic, of which only a few details are available, such as for the considerable capital of money invested by Microsoft in the project, which would make it according to the house of Redmond, such as a AAAA (quadruple A) title. In fact, the game of The Initiative has some interesting premises being a remake of the historic title dedicated to the red star Joanna dark, in a cyber espionage universe with great peculiarities and with a graphic layout that is up to the new technologies.

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The Initiative still hires, on the way former developers of Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog ❯
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