The Initiative hires a former Naughty Dog as head of animations

After the news of the acquisition of Bethesda e ZeniMax Studios by Microsoft products, many have begun to look more closely at the long list of software houses owned by the company founded by Bill Gates and subsidiaries of Xbox Game Studios. Among these is the development studio The Initiative, founded by the Redmond company in 2018 and recently risen to prominence due to the important human capital acquisitions aimed at enriching the potential and the know-how of the team.

In fact, despite not having published any games at the moment, the software house has made itself known for having hired, between December 2010 and last August, important figures in the world of video games, including Erik Jakobsen, former Senior Environment Artist of Santa Monica Studio e Remi Lacoste, former game director of Shadow of the Tomb Raider e Marvel's Avengers. With a mysterious triple A game in the works for Xbox Series X and S, the study deemed it necessary to further expand the skills within the team and, as reported by the insider's tweet Klobrille present at the bottom of the article, The Initiative has hired as head of animators Lee davis, former head of animations in the fights of N. Davis worked in most of the studio's triple A titles Sony, playing an important role in the realization of The Last of Us: Part I and II, Uncharted 2 e Uncharted 4.

An addition of a certain weight that could have been made to work on the title which, according to some rumors of last August, should be a third-person shooter based on the same narrative universe of Perfect Dark. In the absence of further information on this, we just have to wait for new information on the software house's projects which, at the moment, are wrapped in absolute secrecy.

Former Head of Melee Animation at Naughty Dog Lee Davis joins The Initiative as the Lead Gameplay Animator. He worked on The Last of Us I & II, Uncharted 4 & Uncharted 2.

As with previous hires, the studio seems to aim for a highly-skilled animation team.

- Klobrille (@klobrille) October 13, 2020

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