The Immortal Mystics - Preview, a new competitor of League and Dota 2?

For a long time now in the panorama of moba world classics reign supreme league of legends e Dota 2, without anyone ever being able to unseat them completely. The most successful attempt was Heroes of the Storm, but in addition to a carve out its own little niche of public has not been able to do much more. This year, however, a new title wants to try to have its say on the matter. Created by a Spanish development team, The Immortal Mystics he wants to bring some fresh air and try to establish himself as valid alternative for all gamers who love this genre. We at Resources4Gaming were able to participate in a conference with the game developers who showed us all their ideas for the project, and how this is differentiate you from other competitors, then showing us a game live and allowing us to play for ourselves what is now an almost definitive version of the game, which should definitely come out in the coming months. Right from the start the guys from Mindiff they talked about what their goals were for this title: they wanted to create something fast, a game that DON'T took too long of farming, but developed more around the fight between champions, both in small skirmishes and in real team fights, all while trying to maintain an excellent strategic level such as league of legends e Dota we have now got used to it, both attracting new possible players thanks to the big one intuitive controls and game objectives.

In The Immortal Mystics there are currently 20 different samples playable e 3 maps, each of which differs from the others in size and game objectives. A bit like Heroes of the Storm we will have several monsters and structures scattered around the map that once activated will unlock others, coming, for example, to unlock the Colossus in the larger map, a mini-boss who will give a big hand to the team that will be able to take him down. In none of the maps, however, are ever exceeded 25 minutes of media games, a quality that will surely be appreciated by all those who they don't have much time daily to dedicate to their games, or in general to those who particularly love action-packed matches. Each sample, in addition to the classics active and passive skills that distinguish it from all the others, it will also have its own base element - be it fire, water, land, etc .. - which will be able to combine along with those of teammates to get different effects e combo which can reverse the outcome of a fight. Let's take for example the first two I mentioned: if with a fire character I go to combine my element with a water companion, I will summon on the ground a area in which all enemies will be damaged, while at the same time all allies will be healed of a percentage of life.

In addition to this, The Immortal Mystics also has another unique feature: theArmor System. During the game, after conquering an objective or destroying a tower, you will get one gemma. This could be placed in a grid to the left of the screen, and based on where it will be placed, a boost to a statistic in particular, which can be thearmor, life steal, the hp, and so on. The biggest peculiarity, however, lies in the fact that these gems can be reposition at will in any time of the game, managing to make the games much more dynamics, interactive e different one from the other.

Despite wanting to differentiate from the big titles, however, the developers have stated that The Immortal Mystics however, it also remains anchored to classic foundations of the others moba: it will be totally free-to-play, in fact, only cosmetics such as skin, icon and so on. Furthermore, despite having decided to focus above all on combo and to make the individual skills of the single player shine, it seems to have also maintained a very good one balancing with the macrogame, thus allowing you to also create team strategies across the map. As for the graphics of the game, this is definitely reminiscent of Dota 2, here there is probably still a little bit to work between animations not very fluid and some angular polygon, but they are all secondary details that may be filed afterwards very easily.

Finally, I want to say a few personal words about the development team. As trivial as it may be, I very much appreciated the whole passion that the guys have shown in creating this project and carrying it forward, and in addition I want to enhance theirs availability and friendliness, with whom they were close during the presentation to us journalists, and clearly I answer all the questions and doubts we had. It's not something that will improve the game directly, but it definitely earns them points as a company in the game.attention to their players.

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