The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: Disney + Christmas Special Announced

During the presentation of the Disney Investor Day 2020 the house of Mickey has officially announced the arrival of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, holiday special that will come on Disney + in 2022, written by James Gunn. With the success of Guardiani della galassia and then of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Gunn transformed a team of misfit characters no one had heard of before into blockbuster superstars. We then found the Guardians in Avengers: Infinity War e Avengers: Endgame, while we know that Star-Lord will also appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. With the next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 the whole team would reunite for their next adventure (or so we thought). But they will come back much sooner.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. @JamesGunn is back to write and direct.

The Original Special is coming to @DisneyPlus in 2022. 🎁 🎧

- Disney (@Disney) December 11, 2020

In fact, after the announcement last night, it seems that we will see the band of space hunters again sooner than expected, in this special, written and directed by Gunn, which should see the return of the entire cast of actors who have lent their face to the Guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was already in danger when the Disney fired Gunn from the project in 2018. Less than a year later, though, Gunn was reinstated as a director following the immense reaction not only from fans but also from the cast of the Guardians. With Gunn back on board, work on this new feature film was ready to resume, however, when Gunn began work on The suicide squad for Warner Bros. With the director focused on the latter, work on the third Guardians of the Galaxy feature came to a halt. And now, with this special, it looks like there will be a new break ahead of work on Vol.3.

At the moment we have no concrete news on this The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, except for the director and the cast. Investor Day was full of announcements, so we just have to wait and hope that further news on all the new Marvel movies will arrive as soon as possible.

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