The Grudge: a new series is coming exclusively on Netflix

The horror genre was never the strong point of Netflix. Particularly when it comes to films, all of the thrill films produced by the company were considered to be particularly mediocre and low quality. He is probably looking for revenge today. The streaming platform has announced, through its youtube channel, the new chapter of the saga of The Grudge. It will be a TV series (more in the ropes of Netflix) and will be set before the events of The Grudge (2003). Ju-On: Origins will be available starting from July 3 2020. All the fans are thrilled to have a new film from the horror franchise known all over the world.

The Grudge is a saga of US films directed by Takagi Shimizu and consisting of 3 films: The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and The Grudge 3 (only released in direct to home video). The trilogy is inspired by the film Ju-On: Grudge, the third installment of the Japanese horror film series also directed by Shimizu. Immediately popular all over the world, the American version immediately surpassed the Japanese version.

Ju-On: Origin will feature paranormal investigator Odajima and television star Haruka Honjo, who will continue to hear creepy footsteps in his home. Together with the investigator they will try to explain these events, but both will be attracted to the famous haunted house.

While Shō Miyake, the director of Ju-On: Origin, talk about a reboot of the original saga, who knows that he doesn't just want to redeem the name of the Japanese saga. For now there is no news about the series, we do not know if it will be released simultaneously in the world or we should wait to see it in our country. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated about all the new TV series and movies coming out. We also point out our article about all the news that are coming out on Netflix in the month of May.

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