The Gentlemen: here is the Eagle Pictures Blu-ray for the Guy Ritchie movie

The criminal comedy The Gentlemen signed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch - Lo Strappo, Lock & Stock - Crazy Unleashed), thanks to Eagle Pictures, is already available in Blu-ray format to be comfortably enjoyed at home. The stellar cast of the film sees as protagonist Matthew McConaughey, as well as Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell and Charlie Hunnam. Here is the official synopsis:

Michael “Mickey” Pearson (McConaughey) is a drug kingpin now tired of the underworld. His desire is to withdraw from the underworld and find buyers to get out of the loop for good. It won't be easy though, because Mickey has made a lot of enemies over time. Among them are reporter Big Dave (Marsan) and investigator Fletcher (Grant); the two monitored the boss and his men. One of them, Raymond, will be blackmailed to keep the boss safe. In exchange, however, 20 million are needed. The investigator, however, investigating, found something much bigger. A feud of immense proportions for the control of drug trafficking in which numerous characters are involved, each of them ready to do anything to get what he wants. Raising hell has never been easier.

The Gentleman Blu-ray will offer a video compartment with brilliant colors thanks to the 4K UHD resolution. Furthermore, the sound quality will be able to make us perceive every single detail perfectly, so much so that we will not regret the impossibility of being able to see this new film in the cinema, due to the pandemic linked to COVID-19. In particular, it will impress the sense of spatial dimension felt by the speakers of your audio system thanks to the support for the standard DTS HD Master Audio 5.1. Explosive action scenes and brilliantly written dialogues will ensure the enjoyment of a film that marks the return of Guy Ritchie to his highest levels. Prior to The Gentlemen, Matthew McConaughey starred in the Dallas Buyers Club, I, The Wolf of Wall Street, Life is a Dream and many other films.

Recently also the film Anna, by Luc Besson, is available in Blu-ray format.

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