The Game Awards 2020: Keighley anticipates the presence of Keanu Reeves?

The presenter of the The Game Awards 2020Geoff Keighley, these days he is very active on his social profiles. Specifically, after announcing on the profile Twitter official that Phil Spencer di Xbox, the person in charge of Electronic ArtsLaura Honey, and the CEO of AMDLisa Su, will take part in a special panel of the show, Keighley has recently shared on his profile the announcements of the upcoming films for HBO Max Next year. Among them, he seems to have been particularly impressed by The Matrix 4.


- Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) December 3, 2020

With a literally surprising move, in fact, the Warner Bros. has decided that all the films scheduled for 2021 will be available, simultaneously, in cinemas and in streaming on HBO Max. Among all the films, in particular, The Matrix 4 could have a connection with the next The Game Awards 2020. We know in fact that the protagonist of the fourth chapter of the famous saga will be, as always, Keanu Reeves. The actor this year has been in the spotlight of the gaming environment because he will give his appearance to the character of Johnny Silverhand in cyberpunk 2077, Open World RPG of the Polish software house CD Projekt RED. Notably, Reeves already showed up on a big stage for the game's unveiling last year, and this clue could be a foretaste of his new appearance at next week's The Game awards. As we know, along with Geoff Keighley will be on stage to present the show too Tom Holland, and therefore this new appointment could be enriched even more by a cinematographic influence.

In fact, both actors will share in this near future the experience of living an alternative life as protagonists of videogame sagas. The first, as we said with Cyberpunk 2077, the second will be Nathan Drake in the film inspired by the famous saga of Uncharted by Naughty Dog. We just have to wait a few more days to find out what the most anticipated videogame show of the year will reveal.

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