The Game Awards 2020: Geoff Keighley announces the presence of the event digitally

Geoff keighley, journalist, host and creator of The Game Awards (annual awards ceremony), has recently released an interview where he declares that, although the global Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to review their plans regarding the various events, the acclaimed evening of new announcements and awards it will do.

Obviously, it cannot be carried out on site due to the strong restrictions that prevent (and which will probably prevent even when the event takes place) gatherings, various movements between countries around the globe and much more. Precisely for this reason, to the precise question "if the 2020 edition of The Game Awards will be done digitally", Keighley openly said:

Yes. This year's edition will be there and will be done digitally. Many viewers ask me if it will be postponed as happened with many other events such as the Oscars. Well, The Game Awards 2020 will be there and will offer lots of news and a really interesting show, perhaps the biggest ever.

Words that do not give many other lines of thought, other than the one that the good Geoff won't be locked up in a room to simply give the names of the winners but will propose a very different and more elaborate show.

We are working to do something more complex than seeing me in a room, just announcing the names of the winners. I'd like to do a live show, obviously also having some pre-recorded content as well as various live shows. We are in fact working on various scenarios to understand how best we could present this new show to our viewers and give them the show they deserve.

Finally, we remind you that at the moment there is still no official date for the next event and that, generally, the awards ceremony takes place during the month of December. Stay tuned to find out all kinds of news on the contents and on the official date.

According to @geoffkeighley, The Game Awards will still be happening this year in a different format:

- IGN (@IGN) August 24, 2020

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The Game Awards 2020: Geoff Keighley expresses himself on the number of reveal ❯
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