The Game Awards 2019: Official Trailer Available

As every year, December has arrived, as well as the end of the year that we have now almost entirely spent. The iconic conference dedicated to rewarding many categories of the sector cannot be missing for the videogame panorama. We are obviating by talking about The Game Awards 2019, the event that will bring the winner of the Game of the year which will be announced as always by Geoff keighley.

In view of the event, the presenter posted a trailer with various adrenaline-pumping game sequences on his Twitter profile. As every year Geoff keighley himself has decided to take care of the production of the aforementioned trailer, we are attaching it below.

Every year I personally edit a hype trailer to get me in the mood for #TheGameAwards on Thursday. Here's what I edited together this year. (Nothing included here is meant to tease show content / premieres, just the story I wanted to tell).

- Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) December 8, 2019

Every year I personally produce a hype trailer to get into the mood of The Game Awards that will be presented on Thursday (no mention of the). Here is what I produced this year. (Nothing included here is intended to announce content from the show / premieres, but simply the story I want to tell.

Pending the final arrival of the conference, which we remind you will be held at 2:30 on Friday 13 December, we forward the article that talks about the 10 new announcements present at The Game Awards 2019. We are also pleased to announce that in addition to covering the entire event with real-time articles on announcements and nominations, we will be following the conference on our Twitch channel.

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