The Galaxy A20 screen is not working properly

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The Galaxy A20 screen is not working properly. Among the many problems, even if small and usually software, that we can have with our Android devices is the display. In this article we recommend some solutions to fix Galaxy A20 screen not working properly. Read well and click on the recommended links to solve the problem. Enjoy the reading.

The Galaxy A20 screen is not working properly

The first solution is the simplest one, restart your Galaxy A20, then see if it works.

In this section you will find other solutions to problems with your Galaxy A20

  • This problem can be avoided by removing all the protections installed in defense of the Galaxy A20 display. Remove them and verify.
  • Are your hands free? Remove gloves if you are wearing them.
  • A basic error with the screen sensors can give rise to this problem. Try calibrating your smartphone sensors.
  • Make sure the display hardware isn't broken. If you have any doubts, a quick check in a service center removes your doubts.
  • This problem may be a result of the device's default memory being completely filled. Clear some data and verify.
  • There may be some applications that block the screen from functioning, such as those installed by third party sources. Check it out.
  • If the screen mirroring option is enabled and your device screen is shared with another gadget, this may be the cause of this problem, turn off mirroring.
  • There are chances that the problem was created by a virus on the Galaxy A20, scan and delete malware and viruses from your phone.
  • This problem could be there just because your phone is suffering from a software error. Remove the last installed application.
  • Activate Safe Mode on Galaxy A20 and check if the screen works perfectly. The same also indicates if there are problems with the operating system or with some apps installed.

These are the solutions most used when we find ourselves solving problems with the Galaxy A20 screen not working properly. I hope I have been helpful.

  • Root Samsung Galaxy and Unlock the Bootloader

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