The Flash Season 5 is shown at San Diego Comic-Con with a trailer

T it has always accustomed us, even risking becoming incomprehensible, to large-scale temporal variations. On the other hand, that was not expected Flashpoint would make it into the TV series, and despite the few implications (compared to the comic), to the creators of T like to play with time travel. Season 5 will talk about this, and above all about a particular journey.

We are talking about Nora Allen: not the mother, but the daughter of Iris and Barry, who we discovered in the finale of the fourth season, and who will now explain what happened and why she is stuck in the present. Enjoy the new trailer for The Flash, coming in October. Also, if you missed it, here's the trailer for the new season of Arrow!

But above all: finally arrives the ring containing the costume of the fastest man ever!

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