The Flash: released a new trailer dedicated to the seventh season

The new season of T it is getting closer and closer now. The first new episode of the seventh season will air on the American broadcaster The CW il March 2. A new short was released for the occasion trailer where we see our hero struggling with the new villains on duty. Regarding the exit we can not help but hypothesize an arrival towards thesummer 2021, since the sixth season has come to us for some time on Premium Action. We hope that, once the broadcast of the episodes in the USA has started, information will be provided about it.

The Flash series has found great success especially in the United States where it still records excellent ratings. As for our country, however, production went well in the first seasons but has seen a considerable decline with the arrival of the most recent ones. The Flash Together with Arrow , Super Girl and the most recent Batwoman it is part of the cinematic universe called Arrowverse. The first series DC to go on the air in 2012 was Arrow, from which it then took the name to enclose all the affiliated superhero series. In 2021 the release of a new series is expected that will connect to the others of the Arrowverse called Superman & Lois.

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