The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Zemo Full Dance Video Released

The series of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of the new and famous projects made by Marvel Entertainment, centered on secondary but important characters from the universe of Avengers. Well, this new iteration is experiencing some success, with fans who are closely following the events of Sam Wilson (Falcon) And Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), in the recent episode broadcast on Disney +. The interesting side event that we want to tell you today, however, refers to one of the bad guys, the Baron Zemo and its dance previously cut and then in any case shown, and it is a situation that can tell us even more than it seems.

The affair has reached the ears of the public after Marvel has cut the very short scene in the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in which Baron Zemo, what should be themain antagonist of the series, is shown in a session of free dance. In fact, the villain, after having been in prison for many years, allows himself a ballet to return to society in his own way, showing himself proud and performing in front of everyone with a casual attitude. The actor, Daniel Brüh, he therefore decided of his own free will, to start dancing improvising on the stage and also showing a certain skill in the execution of the steps.

The section, somewhat secondary from a narrative point of view, was however noticed by the directors, who initially had it removed from the episode, but that after the publication of a small content about sui social and the incessant request from fans with the hashtag (#ReleasetheZemoCut) were then pushed to release Brüh's few seconds of improvisation on the web. We leave you on the cover, the extended version republished on Marvel's Youtube channel.

A situation which in itself is somewhat secondary, but which has also shown a certain responsiveness of the directors and production of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, towards the fans and the public of Disney +, even for the simple dance of a relatively as important as Zemo. Fans were in fact, right away satisfied and made happy even when it comes to additional material, a factor not always taken for granted.

We must therefore consider the event not only as the reintegration of a scene that is also rather amusing in the context, and also interesting because it is the result of improvisation of a Great actor, but also and above all such as the ability of production managers to follow the movement and the requests from the public quickly and decisively.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is after all a series centered around two highly regarded characters in the world of cinecomic, but to which great relevance had never been offered, except as the backs of captain America. In fact, the two (relatively) young heroes correspond to the past (Bucky) and the present (Sam) of the Captain and have permanently marked his maturation and personality. Two warriors who now unite to fight against the evil that hovers over an America that needs a symbol to fight for.

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