The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - Third episode review

The adventures of Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, and Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan, in this third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The license plate series Disney + talks about the events that happen to the two superheroes after the vicissitudes happened in Avengers Endgame, going to highlight all the feelings that the two protagonists are experiencing in this new society that is absent, or almost, of Captain America. We are now at the halfway point of the first season, and you can see much more clearly how the plot has totally taken off. But let's find out together what this episode is about.

This review may contain SPOILERS on the plot of the first two episodes of the series, therefore we invite you to continue reading in an informed manner.

You can't always do the right thing

We broke up in the second episode with the two protagonists who had decided to go and see the baron Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl), a brilliant mind who years before had cornered all the Avengers, even going so far as to create a clear split in the team. After the vicissitudes of Captain's America: Civil War this will be a difficult match to deal with, especially for Bucky since Zemo had reactivated his mind from Winter Soldier to wreak havoc. However, their meeting in the maximum security prison will be something very interesting, which will give new food for thought to the superheroes on what their next destination is. In fact, after having collided and lost against the Flag-smasher, which we will talk about later, and having had a discussion with John Walker (Wyatt russell), the new Captain America, the two seem to be totally confused about what to do. Probably also due to the inner psychological conflict that they still cannot deal with, even after an attempt by the psychologist who is treating Bucky. Indeed, the two seem more than ever onverge of a crisis.

Although the only one who has opened up a little more is Bucky, it can be seen as well Sat, although you try not to show it, you are now starting to yield, and this third episode will not stop you from noticing it. Among the many references to the past ofMCU and difficult choices that they will be forced to make, the minds of the two protagonists will be put to the test more than ever. The personality of the new Captain America will also be a bit deepened, although it is less central than the second episode. In fact, we will see how, after other efforts and vain attempts to have a closer relationship with Sam and Bucky, Captain John begins to reveal himself as a person resolute and not just as a mere image for the newspapers, showing a lot of fortitude and sense of justice. Maybe the two heroes are really wrong to go against him and don't look for a meeting point with the new symbol of America.

A world of superheroes and super villains, but less super

A much more main role, on the other hand, will be that of flag-smasher. In this third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier the story and the real reasons behind the criminal acts they are carrying out around the world. This will succeed in doing us empathize at least in part with the group of terrorists, since it will be pointed out that they are neither mild supervillains with a passion for world conquest, nor a pretext to keep the plot going. On the contrary, yes they rank very well in the narrative universe of the series, demonstrating once again how the goal of the latter is not to focus on something totally alien and out of human reach, but rather to give much more importance to real problems and to ordinary people. Of course, always in a superhero context, but in this case the two protagonists do not appear as special and talented people who could solve any problem at any time, it seems rather that the director wanted to make them very less super and more people whatsoever, doing identify much better the viewer in the story and in the setting.

This third episode has undoubtedly been able to excite, not only for the huge step forward in showing the background, the nature and the true motivations that drive almost everyone, but also thanks to the new characters entered the scene in the narrative plot, managing to create many subplots interesting. In addition, some were really very nice and appreciable gag who winked at fans of previous films The Marvel movies. In short, it seems that another 3 episodes of fire await us in which everything will have to converge in a single point, and all the protagonists in the game will see their motivations collide!

Theories about the future of Falcon and Winter Soldier after episode 3

Before moving on to the hypotheses, we remind you that this paragraph may contain SPOILERS on the plot, and consequently we invite you to continue reading only if you have already finished watching the third episode of the series.

As we have seen, in this third episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier many have entered the scene new characters, starting with Zemo who joined the leading group. It seems that all the help he is giving to the two superheroes is exclusively to thank them for breaking out of prison and to fulfill his moral principles, but will that really be the case? It would seem a bit of a role maybe too marginal for the proud figure that is Baron Zemo, and his own mask, which has often been shown to us in detail, will most likely be used to create a new character who will join the MCU. Same thing cannot be said for instead Sharon Carter, whom we see returning, but this time no longer as a specialized agent of the Shield.

The young niece of Peggy, in fact, it is now one reseller of great works of art on the black market, and although he convinced the two protagonists that all he would like to do is return to America with a clean criminal record and start his old life again, the final scene of his character in this episode might make us think that instead feel good in its new location. Maybe you would like to get back in touch with the US in order to expand your market? Finally, last note for the wakandian warrior we see in the final cliffhanger meeting Bucky. His goal is certainly to kill (or at least imprison) Zemo, but, not having the typical clothes of the warriors of his people, it could be assumed that he is not acting for the king, but on his own behalf. That perhaps he was a very close person to the previous king T'Chaka, father of T'Challa?

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