The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Review of the second episode of the Disney + series

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is the brand new series with license plate Disney + and fruit of the work of the indefatigable Marvel Studios. The first episode was published on the streaming platform last Friday, and the second episode is available from today, lasting 50 minutes (including credits). Sam Wilson / Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and James Barnes / Winter Soldier (Sebastian stan) are the protagonists of the 6 episodes of the season, which narrates some events that occurred following the events of Avengers: Endgame and the passing of Steve Rogers / Captain America. So let's find out the review of the second episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The legacy of Captain America

Symbols are empty without the people giving them meaning. With these words Sam decided to entrust the legendary captain america shield to the State, not wanting to keep for itself a symbol so full of meanings, which for decades has represented for the people the strongest values ​​of the human spirit. At the end of the first episode we saw the role of the superhero entrusted, in a rather abrupt and sudden way, to a new character, John Walker / US Agent (Wyatt russell), American soldier and patriot. The message is clear: America cannot give up on what the superhero represents, and it doesn't matter if it becomes necessary to change the face under the helmet with the A.

Sam and Bucky are both broken, albeit in different ways. The first has to deal with the legacy of Steve Rogers, of whom he was the right hand, and the second carries the aftermath of half a century of torture in the hands of theHydra. In the second episode, the two Avengers meet and clash, establishing a conflict relationship more than alliance, mostly caused by Captain America's shield, which is unjustifiably in the hands of John Walker. At the beginning of the episode an interesting can be worked out parallelism of the figure of the supereore, comparing what Steve Rogers was at the beginning of his career, during the Second World War, and what Walker is now, in a new historical epoch. Wearing the vibranium shield means walking a road paved with fame and glory, but what glitters is not always gold. Can a symbol become a weight more than a reason to boast?

The lives of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which in the first episode were separate, find a meeting point. The two Avengers reunite to face an unexpected threat, while having to deal with their past and the consequences of their decisions. There are, however, some scenes from playful background, which lighten the heavy atmospheres and make spectators smile.

Androids, aliens and wizards

Sam and Bucky find themselves facing off unknown antagonists, and initially they struggle to identify them. The model "aliens, androids and wizards" is mentioned several times in the episode, and is used to try to put the enemies in a category, and find an effective method to deal with them. But who are the enemies of history? It is about the Flag-Smasher (Breaking the flag), whose name derives from the classic enemy of Captain America in the comics, the terrorist at the head of the ULTIMATUM organization (Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind), which aims to unify all the world's people under onesingle flag, her.

The members of the Flag-Smasher in the series have inherited his goal. In a world devastated by the blip caused by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, a set of survival rules had been created which was broken when all the eliminated were brought back to life. Apparently, however, many are not happy with the turning point and wish to change the cards on the table. The massive presence of the Flag-Smasher in the second episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier brings in the story live, sweeping away the specks of boredom that had caught the viewers in some scenes of the pilot episode, when the plot was in the starting phase.

Ghosts from the past

Bucky carries an enormous burden relating to his past: under the orders and manipulations of Hydra, he has carried out numerous murders, and someone remembers it well. What if it were necessary to reconnect with a victim not only of the terrorist organization, but even of the American state itself? During the second episode Falcon and the Winter Soldier realize two fundamental things: they need to put aside the differences to face the new threat, and they need some allies. One of these could be John Walker, the new face of Captain America that both Avengers would like to see disappear. A second ally could be hiding in Bucky's past, and a third even in the ranks of Hydra itself.

The characters introduced in the episode enrich the plot with many facets, and show the hidden faces of America, ready to arrogate to itself the right to use an important symbol such as the figure of Captain America and, sometimes, judge and executioner of his own soldiers. With the new episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios hit and sink, intriguing viewers and preparing them for the events of the next installment in the best possible way.

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