The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - Review of the fourth episode of the Disney + series

Continue the TV series in 6 episodes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, produced by Marvel Studios, exclusive on Disney +. From now, Friday April 9, you can find in streaming the fourth episode, which follows the story of Sam Wilson / Falcon (Anthony Mackie) is Bucky Burnes / Winter Soldier (Sebastian stan), several months after the events that took place in Avengers: Endgame. Turn off the lights and get the popcorn, destination Latvia.

ATTENTION: this review contains SPOILERS on the plot of the first three episodes of the series, we invite you to continue reading consciously and especially if you have already seen them.

Wakanda forever

By the end of the third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a new character had entered the equation that describes the plot of the series. It is about Ayo, belonging to the fearsome corps of Wakanda warriors, the Dora Milaje. The introduction of a Wakandian component gives viewers a glimpse of the Bucky's past. The White Wolf (as he was baptized right in the prosperous vibranium-rich region) he spent a long time in Wakanda, trying to free himself from the manipulations of Hydra. The words needed to activate the Winter Soldier have been "defused", giving back to Bucky full freedom on his actions.

However, Ayo is ready to clash with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, claiming the right to take custody Heinrich Zemo, with which the two have made a temporary alliance. The baron is, in fact, the person in charge of the death of King T'Chaka, and he has to pay the price of his shares. His help against the Flag Smasher he is, however, too important, and Sam and Bucky cannot do without him until the end of the mission. The ideals of Karli Morgenthau, leader of the terrorist organization (which she defines instead revolutionary), in fact, they clashed with an overwhelming desire to oppression of opponents, and the girl has shown herself ready to resort to murder in order to achieve her goal. Karli is in possession of other vials containing the super soldier serum, and Sam and Bucky must retrieve them before it's too late. Baron Zemo has the key to finding it before it becomes too dangerous, and is therefore a necessary means to an end. To get justice, Wakanda will have to wait. But will the Dora Milaje agree to respect this unusual alliance until the collapse of the Flag Smasher?

Beyond the desire for redemption

The figure of Karli Morgenthau is predominant in the fourth episode of the series. During the 54 minutes of the episode (credits included), his emozioni come forcefully to the surface. The desire for redemption who moves his actions is related to sense of injustice for the wrongs suffered by its people. The serum from the super soldier she hired makes her dangerous and emotionally fragile, capable of impulsive actions, which she may regret.

The desire to become a superman cannot be separated from the ideals of supremacy.

With these words, Baron Zemo describes the danger of Karli and those who follow her. His initial intentions might change radically, thanks to the strength she has achieved by taking the serum, and the justice she so longed for is separated from injustice by a very thin thread, which has probably already been broken.

The viewer can not help but empathize with Karli, understanding the pain of her losses and almost supporting her cause. His ideals may not be completely tainted yet, and Sam and Bucky are willing to try an approach different from violence to make her abandon the path she has taken and bring her back to reason. However, the girl is seen as a threat by all of America, and who better than John Walker can intervene to stop her?

Oh Captain, my Captain

Karli's consistent presence is flanked by a return to the forefront of the new Captain America. John Walker plays a fundamental role in the episode, as he managed to locate Sam and Bucky in Latvia, and does not accept non-violent methods to eliminate the danger caused by the Flag Smasher. A comparison with Steve Rogers comes spontaneously: the actions performed by Walker are at the antipodes compared to those that Cap would have accomplished, whose sense of justice has never wavered. We used to see, under the helmet with America's most famous A, a man of iron moral integrity, while now we are faced with someone who is a victim of his emotions and desires, and does not care about the consequences. Walker is more "human" but, for this very reason, less suitable for wearing the shield by Steve Rogers.

The episode ends unexpectedly. Where Zemo has proven to have less lust for power than anyone could have imagined, John Walker fell victim of his own ambitions. The characters get complicated, their roles swap, black and white lose their meaning, leaving room for shades of gray. Sam and Bucky will have to face a new enemy, completely different from the Flag Smasher?

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