The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: a quote to the X-Men found in the trailer

Today it was made available on the platform Disney + the first, highly anticipated, episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the second license plate series MCU of 2021, after WandaVision. Kevin Feige, film producer and president of the Marvel Studios, confirmed the presence of a important reference to the X-Men in the series trailer. The island that appears during the movie is in effect Madripoor, a fictional location located in Southeast Asia that appears in American comics by Marvel. Kevin Feige has, in fact, stated:

There is one setting in particular that people have already seen in some trailers, a setting from the Marvel comics that we didn't previously have.

The location in question, geographically located between Singapore and the island of Sumantra, is connected to the characters of X-Men and Wolverine. The island was introduced in New Mutants # 32 by Chris Claremont, has appeared in several comic stories and features many points of interest such as Stinger, a safe place of the SHIELD whose location is known only to Nick Fury, and X-Mansion, a base of operations where Magneto attempts to bring the X-Men of the past back to their timeline of belonging. Originally it was a paradise for pirates, and even today it still does not have a law regulating its activities. The capital, Madripoor precisely, is characterized by a profound social split: on one side is the richest society, Hightown, and on the other side the suburbs, Lowtown, where some scenes of the series could be set.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ranks temporally after the events of Avengers: Endgame and has as protanists Sam Wilson / Falcon, interpreted by Anthony Mackie, Bucky Burnes / Winter Soldier (Sebastian stan), which will carry on the legacy of Captain America. The cast also features Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter / Agent 13), Daniel Brühl (Helmut Zemo) and Wyatt Russell (John Walker / US Agent).

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