The Evil Within - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One - 360]

The Evil Within - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One - 360]


Here is the complete list of Xbox One and 360 Achievements by The Evil Within



No tricks

Complete the game without upgrading skills with the green gel.

60 G


The sound of silence

Kill 5 enemies in a row with silent kills without being detected.

20 G


Five darts of violence

Kill 5 enemies with each type of dart for Agony.

10 G


Clean Sweep

Use a powerful secret weapon to kill 10 enemies. (enemies killed with Agony are not counted)

25 G



Collect every item in the game.

30 G


Master of Horror

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.

50 G


Ordinary administration

Complete the game on Survival difficulty.

40 G


Scarlet Fury

Kill 200 enemies.

20 G


Mountain of corpses

Kill 30 enemies.

10 G


Disco Inferno!

Kill 5 enemies with a flashlight.

10 G


Inseparable companions

Fully upgrade a weapon.

10 G


Male man

Fully upgrade Sebastian's attributes.

30 G



Open all the lockers in the shelter.

15 G


First steps in the dark

Complete the game on Inexperienced difficulty.

30 G


Bar brawl

Silently kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.

10 G


Ammo savings

Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.

10 G


A man, a hero

Kill 400 enemies.

35 G


Ammo is never enough

Upgrade all options in the Reserve menu.

20 G


Invincible Arsenal

Fully upgrade all weapons.

40 G


I work hard, my ...

The water rises, but we'll get out of here without a scratch. (Chapter 5)

25 G


The Center is my home

All these visions in the Center ... Why here? What time? (Chapter 4)

15 G


Fire purifies

Kill 3 enemies alive by dropping a single match.

10 G


Wise management

There is a tremendous echo in this cave. Better not to use the gun and keep quiet. (Chapter 8)

10 G


I don't have time for this!

They don't die! Better to fight only if necessary. (Chapter 7)

10 G


Speed ​​is everything

Complete the game in under 5:00:00.

45 G


Human Torch

Just run away! I'll burn it here! (Chapter 10)

25 G


Knife beats chainsaw

Its engine roars, but my knife will be able to take it out. (Chapter 3)

40 G


Experienced electrician

I should reactivate the generator, you never know. (Chap. 14)

15 G


Not even a scratch!

I will not take any risks, this bus cannot withstand any more bumps. (Chapter 12)

15 G


You wanted it

Complete the game on difficulty level 悪 夢 (AKUMU).

60 G


Like Corvo

Are they crazy? Better to get around them without fighting .. (Chap.2)

15 G


Ce n'è per tutti

Who wouldn't help a man struggling for life? (Chapter 6)

5 G


There's no two without three

Upgrade a maximum of three weapons.

25 G

Secret Goals of The Evil Within

Weapon of choice 20 G
Defeated the Sadist within the village.
Old Flame 20 G
Finished off a shrieking beast.
Two on Two 25 G
Took out both guardians before the church.
What's In The Box?! 20 G
Escaped the Keeper beneath the catacombs.  
The First, Not the Last 40 G
Ended a monstrosity in the underground garage.
Arachnophobia 15 G
Outran a gigantic threat in the city.
Slither into Oblivion 25 G
Removed an invisible enemy from the equation.
One of the Many 45 G
Defeated the ultimate evil within.
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