The Escapist Indie Showcase: the event has been brought forward by a few hours

This summer period without E3 has taken many users and organizers by surprise, thus leading to the creation of special conferences such as the The Escapist Indie Showcase. Made by our colleagues at The Escapist and supported by CD Projekt, this presentation from the duration two hours he's going to talk and announce about 70 projects from the boundless world of independent video games. The announcement of the live broadcast was made a few weeks ago, but an unexpected "too many" forced the organizers to do so anticipate the time previously fixed (thus passing from 21:00 to 18:00 of 11 June 2020).

In fact, the brand new date for the PS5: The future of Gaming event has led our colleagues at The Escapist to move their presentation. The events scheduled for the following days, which are mainly insights into what is shown during the first live broadcast, have not undergone any changes. In fact, the appointments of the The Escapist Indie Showcase Post-Show are however scheduled to leave at 17.00 (of 12, 13 and 14 June 2020) and last the beauty of eight hours each. In case you intend to follow the showcase live, you can easily do it through the Youtube page of the video that you find at the top of this article. However, our colleagues have understood the problems that the new timetable could cause to users, and for this reason (at the following link) it is possible to find the list of all the projects shown in the program immediately after the broadcast. 

This announcement manages to reassure fans of the independent world, who have found themselves bewildered since the Sony conference was announced at that time. Certainly this is a “low blow” by the Japanese company, but fortunately everything was resolved, thus leading us to a day full of events to follow. While waiting to find out what we will see in this program, we remind you that the second edition of the Indie Live Expo was announced a few days ago.

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