The End of the F *** ing World - Season 2 Review

With the first season, released in 2018 on NetflixThe End of the F *** ing World immediately became one of the most watched shows of the year. The series created by Jonathan entwistle and based on the famous comic by Charles Forsman it did not present itself as yet another and obvious "teen drama". Complex and well-researched characters, a strong dark story, a high-level storytelling and a very open ending have ensured that this TV series was so successful that it was confirmed for another season. The second season of The End of the F *** ing World it is finally a reality and is ready to start again right where it left us. If the first season faithfully followed the events of the comic, this second one will be full of unpublished material, developed by Jonathan Entwistle and the screenwriter Charlie Covell.

Where were we?

Our two protagonists or James (interpreted by Alexander Lawther) Alyssa (interpreted by Jessica Barden), are wanted by the police for the murder of Clive Koch and for other minor crimes of which the two young people have committed. It was later discovered that the man killed by the two boys was actually a rapist. This discovery, unfortunately for the young people, did not help much and the accusations against them did not collapse. The police managed to intercept James and Alyssa on the coast thanks to the complaint made by Leslie, the girl's real father. The last episode of the first season ends with the boy running by the sea and with the thud of a gunshot that seems to leave little hope of life for James.

An unprecedented and convincing story

Two years after that dramatic event, Alyssa's life changed completely. Having abandoned the role of the moody girl and dissatisfied with her life, the young woman takes on a new self-awareness, finds work as a waitress and romantically binds herself to another boy with whom she will marry shortly. James, on the other hand, survived the shot and comes out completely changed. After a long rehabilitation he seems to no longer be the "psychopath" we saw in the first season, now he is much more emotional than before that dramatic event. After making a full recovery, James wastes no time and desperately searches for Alyssa to finally declare all his love to him. On the tracks of the two protagonists, however, the figure of Bonnie, a clearly disturbed girl who had fallen in love with Professor Clive Koch. However, her dream of love died together with her beloved Clive. The girl, driven by a tremendous thirst for revenge, can't wait to make Alyssa and James pay, guilty of having put an end to their "story". Bonnie will prove to be a key character within this second season. His character grows temperamentally from episode to episode and his constant and linear growth benefits the whole series. His "interference" in the couple formed by Alyssa and James and his connection with the late Professor Clive makes The End of the F *** ing World 2 an enjoyable series that, had it not been for Bonnie and the dynamics born with her, she would have had very little to tell. Unlike last season James and Alyssa interact more with the reality that surrounds them, this is due not only to their personal growth, but also to a sort of resignation towards that world that has never really understood them.

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