The Elder Scrolls Online - infinite money tricks, like duplicating items

The Elder Scrolls Online - infinite money tricks, like duplicating items


It is certainly not the first time that we have published a guide that explains how to duplicate objects and / or how to accumulate money indefinitely with the most varied farming methods.

This time, however, the matter is a little more serious, because we are talking about The Elder Scrolls Online, that is a game in which an exploit of this type could end up seriously undermining the usability of the game.

As in real life, in fact, the uncontrolled multiplication of the game currency would inevitably end up decreasing its value, and this is exactly what is happening. Basically the players have found a glitch that allows you to duplicate objects and the title is already overflowing with items and money obtained illegally.

ZeniMax Online Studios ran for cover by closing the game's guild banks, apparently responsible for the problem. This morning an alarming post on Reddit even defined the bug as "game breaking".

Below you can see a video showing how to use the money trick, which allows you to get even up to 1 million gold in one hour. I reiterate that it is a behavior that is anything but correct, which in fact risks ruining the sense of the game itself. Fate Vobis ...

UPDATE: ZeniMax's answer seems very strong. In addition to a patch released for the game and the closure of the guild banks, held responsible for the incident, the company will act with a zero tolerance policy towards those who exploited the bug to obtain an illicit advantage, with the permanent ban of the 'account. Fortunately, there is no system rollback, which would lose the progress honestly earned by thousands of players.

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