The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm - Review, a taste of Skyrim

The series of The Elder Scrolls has managed with its 5 main chapters to fully establish itself on the market, becoming one of the most loved products by a very large range of users. It is a saga with a lot of potential, which in the hands of Bethesda managed to be fully exploited. We mainly talk about Skyrim, which has gone to maximize the now consolidated formula with Oblivion. Through the fifth chapter the series has obtained a very solid foundation for the very mysterious The Elder Scrolls 6. However, over the years Bethesda has dealt with a decidedly ambitious but transversal production: The Elder Scrolls Online, which brings back the soul of the series in the guise of mass online multiplayer. The title has been constantly supported and updated, through the help of a lot of contents, which have outlined an extremely expanded and still highly appreciated work since its inception. The latest DLC released is no exception, but it turns out to be the basis for a much larger project. Let's talk about The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm, update already available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, accessible through single purchase or by anyone who has subscribed to ESO Plus.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm is just a DLC of the biggest Greymoor chapter which will make its debut on June 2 this year. The update already released in fact sets itself the simple task of giving the player a taste of this universe, offering a quantity of content that is certainly not flattering, but not negligible by anyone who is accustomed to the work. Let's talk about two different dungeons, which are the player's only introduction to the macro project called de The Dark Heart of Skyrim. This is a long-term plan, designed to end with the arrival of three further updates during 2020. The two environments can be faced with a team of four total players, and provide important narrative insights in view of future updates: let's talk about Icereach e UnhallowedGrave.


The first of the two dungeons is set on one icy island in the Sea of ​​Ghosts, where an evil witch ritual is being carried out. These will be a perennial spanner in the works for the players, as they will take care of hindering him as possible in his climb towards the final confrontation, invoking specific and dangerous enemies. During this grim adventure, players will also rediscover the iconic character from The Elder Scrolls Online Lyris Titanborn, who is currently in the Skyrim region due to an investigation. Although in the path in question there are no extreme creative flashes, theadventure can be defined in reality well cared for and at the height of the game, especially due to his final boss fight.

The evil witches will show themselves in the last bars united - and above all dangerous - more than ever, since they will face the group of players all together. In this specific section, a moment of distraction will cause the death of the entire party, due to a lethal explosion that if not interrupted in time will be able to end the adventure. The last meeting with the sisters turns out to be a transposition in a grand style of the mechanics seen through all the previous minibosses, and ultimately presents a very varied challenge, albeit quite intuitive.

Unhallowed Grave

Less icy and definitely more ghostly, Unhallowed Grave is the second part of The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm DLC. The dungeon is set in Bankgorai, a temple where the vein vampiric expansion has a chance to come to the surface in top form. In this case we find two quite interesting characters, one of which turns out to be a vampire of the "good" faction. In addition, the interesting mechanics of the grapple, which as well made would certainly not disfigure if reused on further occasions outside of this DLC.

The impact with Unhallowed Grave is ultimately much more interesting, both for what concerns the intermediate bosses and for the last fearsome enemy. Throughout the adventure, using the environment to the fullest will be the key to getting out of the gloomy catacombs alive. However, once interfaced with the final battle, you will have to rely more on your team, given that a gigantic and highly inspired skeleton will stand before the adventurers.


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