The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - Review, discovering the land of the Khajiit

The Elder Scrolls Online it is definitely a game that, in one way or another, always manages to make people talk about itself. In fact, since publication, Bethesda has constantly updated the title, improving it and adding extra features that have undoubtedly enriched the gaming experience. Today, therefore, the time has come to draw conclusions as regards Elsweyr, a product that aims to bring a pinch of fresh air to the lands of Tamriel and which - at least he hopes - will bring new players closer to the famous MMO. This new region is mainly desert, although walking south it is possible to come across jungles that blend in an excellent way with each other and even more with the scenery in general.

It begins again

Elsweyr comes almost a year after the last expansion, and once you have created your avatar, you will be ready to discover this new territory. The main missions turned out to be very long-lived: in addition to the fact of being able to easily entertain the user, to these there are to add secondary quests, public dungeons and much more. In short, the package offered by this new expansion is perfectly in line with what has been done in the past, except for the fact that we tried to give a slightly more marked imprint to the narrative (without stumbling into gross errors as in Fallout 76), going to unravel the intrigues of the people's court Khajiit, in addition of course to the dragons, the true focus of the expansion. The famous fire-breathers will not only be a mere outline, but also prove to be central in the events of the game, both in terms of story and in a challenge destined for more experienced players, called Trial Sunspire, a real dungeon intended for up to 12 players. 

The fights with the terrible and majestic creatures can be long and demanding, as well as well structured. Killing these beasts will automatically lead you to obtain special items, although for some specific items you will have to try to defeat the fire-breathers over and over again. The adventure will begin inAdeptorm di Star Heaven, the academy that will be your tutorial for both the combat system and the first hints of the plot.

Let the earth be light to you 

Another great introduction is that of necromancers, a brand new class within the game. The latter are precisely the main problem of Elsweyr, so if you choose to continue with this type of PC, the approach to the adventure may be slightly more hostile. Obviously your power will be the use of magic, both for ranged damage and to resurrect the dead and use them to take down your enemies. However there is a problem that may be pressing for some players, perhaps the more libertine ones who want a lighter and more chaotic approach: necromancy is illegal in most cities of The Elder Scrolls, so pay attention to where and when you use the skills of this class.

The necromancer has a whole range of skills that still guarantee his survival even in the most difficult moments, giving the possibility even to solitary players to complete the adventure without problems. If we instead analyze the technical level, we realize that The Elder Srolls: Elsweyr is not particularly captivating, even if from a design point of view it is full of very inspired settings, cities or ruins. There will be a lot of references to the ancients, and also every mysterious place will give you information about the lore of the game universe or in particular of a region.

In conclusion we can say that The Elder Srolls: Elsweyr convinced us, staying in line with both his past and fan expectations. Certainly this is not the expansion that revolutionizes or makes you cry a miracle, but we have seen the courage of the developers to want to give new challenges and emotions to the players. The introduction of a new class and dragons are not at all obvious, and also their inclusion has been done in the most correct and balanced way possible, without upsetting anything in terms of mechanics or game habits but, at the same time, succeeding to approach even to users totally unaccustomed to the series. Nice Shot Bethesda.

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