The Elder Scrolls: Is Netflix Making A Witcher-Style TV Series?

The brand The Elder Scrolls it is one of those that, in recent times, has almost always been on the lips of many. Absolutely thanks to the acquisition by Microsoft products di ZeniMax Media and all related software houses, including Bethesda, one of the main sagas to hold the bench in the discussions among millions of fans is precisely the future of The Elder Scrolls series, now in its fifth chapter that we all know with the title of Skyrim. Today, however, there is no news on the continuation of the franchise on gaming platforms, but on the small screen. The well-known insider Daniel Richtman, in fact, may have anticipated a truly sensational and fascinating news for millions of fans.

Indeed it seems that Netflix is currently working on a television series based on the universe of The Elder Scrolls, and that as a source of stylistic inspiration it is following in the footsteps of another famous TV series very recent and loved by fans: The Witcher. Strigo fans are now waiting to know the new events narrated during the second season that we know will arrive in the course of 2021 - still no official release date -. Considering the similarities of fantasy and beyond, it makes sense that the world's leading streaming platform wants to resume the good things it already did with the first show, although not exempt from some criticism. Unfortunately, we still do not know anything specific and official about The Elder Scrolls TV series, which is why we advise you to stay tuned to stay up to date on the evolution of the story.

Not only The Witcher and The Elder Scrolls, Amazon is also currently busy making a show based on a video game. The authors of the excellent Westworld series are in fact working on the creation of a series based on Fallout announced a few months ago.

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