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In recent years we have witnessed an increasingly common phenomenon: software houses that offer games, especially on PC. Between these Ubisoft is one of those that has often stood out for having made many of its most successful titles available free of charge through the platform UPlay and l 'Ubisoft Store, For example, Assassin's Creed Origins. The French publisher has decided to continue to "pamper" its users and in the last few hours has communicated through its official website that, starting today and until next 8 September, it will be possible to download for free Tom Clancy's The Division on your PC.

It is a truly unmissable opportunity to get your hands on one of the most popular titles in the recent history of the French company. Released in 2016 also on Xbox One e PlayStation 4, The Division is a third person shooter and action game, set in a New York  brought to its knees by the explosion of an epidemic that has shocked the entire nation. After all the plans put in place by the US government did not lead to any concrete results, the remaining hopes were entrusted to the special team called SHD (Strategic Homeland Division) known as The Division, which has the task of keeping under control and restoring order in the city and, above all, finding out what caused the virus. Presented during the 2013 edition ofE3, Tom Clancy's The Division attracted the attention of fans at the time especially thanks to its mode multiplayer to be addressed in cooperation with, at most, four other players. Following the success achieved, in 2019 Ubisoft made the sequel available on the market, set seven months after the events of the first chapter.

Considering the short period of time available to make the game yours, we recommend that you access the dedicated page and download this important title as soon as possible.

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