The Division: guide to ALL collectibles [Echo, photos, recordings, etc.]

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The Division: guide to ALL collectibles [Echo, photos, recordings, etc.]


Let's hunt for collectibles in The Division's Manhattan

The Division Collectibles Guide

In Tom Clancy's The Division ci sono in totale 293 collectible items scattered around the game world, divided as follows:

24 survival guides
130 telephone records
40 audio reports on the JTF incident
16 aerial photos of the crashed drones
20 agents missing
63 ECHO scenes

By collecting all of these items, plus discover lots of details and background on the game's plot, you will also unlock the following trophies / achievements:

Shadows of the past
Activate 63 ECHO scenes.
Drone license
Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.
Survival expert
Retrieve 24 pages of the Survival Manual.
Diary of an agent
Extract 130 phone records from phones found in Manhattan.
The seeker
Recover the profiles of 20 missing First Wave Agents.
Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.

The location of these collectibles is only revealed on the map if you get close enough to where they are. Alternatively, the location of all collectibles can be revealed on the map present in the area where you are by unlocking the'Intel Discovery' skill. You can have the "Intel Discovery" skill by purchasing the "Dog Unit" upgrade for the "Security" division of your base.

In addition to this, to have the location of all the collectibles of an area of ​​the map, you will also have to complete all side missions and encounters in that area. In this regard, other guides that we have dedicated to this game that you can find in the tab linked below may be useful to you, do not forget to consult it!

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